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Ion Exchange launches waste to energy plant in Hyderabad

Ion Exchange launches waste to energy plant in Hyderabad


Water and environment management company, Ion Exchange (India) Ltd, launches and commissions India’s first ANDICOS waste to energy system in Hyderabad, Telengana. ANDICOS is a joint initiative of Ion Exchange in collaboration with Belgium headquartered VITO and Europem.

The ANDICOS design integrates state-of-the-art technologies like INDION IPC MBR and INDION Advanced Bio-methanation process. INDION IPC MBR treats raw sewage and produces purified water that can be reused. The sludge generated in the INDION IPC MBR process is then combined with organic kitchen waste generated in homes and communities in INDION Advanced Bio-methanation process. Thus, the ANDICOS system recovers purified water, renewable energy and organic fertiliser from liquid and solid waste.

The ANDICOS waste to energy plant can be built modularly for centralised and decentralised uses and can also be customised for large municipal installations. The first ANDICOS Waste to Energy plant has been set up at Akshaya Patra in Hyderabad to treat waste water and organic waste from its new and fully automated kitchen. The ANDICOS waste to energy plant has a capacity to treat approximately 1,000 kgs of organic kitchen waste and 2 – 6 cu.m. of sewage sludge on a daily basis and will generate approximately 20 KW/H of electrical power along with 1.35 tonnes of rich organic fertiliser per day.

On launching the company’s first waste to energy plant in India, Rajesh Sharma, Chairman and Managing Director, Ion Exchange (India) said, “For over 50 years, Ion Exchange has been innovating water and waste treatment solutions. We have been preferred and trusted partners to diverse sectors like oil and gas, power, automobile, textile, food processing, and pharmaceuticals. We have been researching and developing the ANDICOS system and technology for over two years. All our solutions and systems are based on the most advanced technologies available across the globe. This allows us to provide our clients with customised need-based systems that are versatile and performance oriented.”

Also present at the launch of the project, Ajay Popat, President, Ion Exchange (India) Limited said, “There is a strong need to consider and implement solutions that promote sustainability. Water shortage has been a major concern and this is only followed by the problem of untreated waste. The new ANDICOS plant is unique as it integrates technology to combine solid organic waste and waste water to generate power, water and fertiliser that can be used thereafter. Simultaneously, the plant also can be integrated to treat sewage making it a complete and all-round solution. We are certain that this new technology will add value and promote sustainable development across the country.”

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