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INDION DTRO – effluent recycle solution

INDION DTRO – effluent recycle solution


With increasing pressure on natural water resources and stringent environmental norms on industrial discharges, it is imperative to integrate systems that treat complex wastewater with zero discharge systems in industrial wastewater treatment plants.

Ion Exchange offers INDION Disc Tube Reverse Osmosis (DTRO) system to treat water from complex water sources and make it suitable for drinking and industrial purposes. The system can be used as precursor to or as a component of the zero liquid discharge (ZLD) system to enhance efficiency and reduce life cycle cost.

INDION DTRO – optimal yield
INDION DTRO, with its flat-sheet membrane technology, treats complex water with minimal pre-treatment and footprint. It produces water which has very low dissolved solids, and is free from particulates, colloids and organic matter.

INDION is integrated to yield optimal benefits. For instance, recycle systems are combined with speciality water treatment chemical programmes that substantially reduce water discharge (for e.g.; cooling tower blowdown); and state-of-the-art effluent treatment plants are integrated with zero liquid discharge processes.

The INDION MEE system compliments the INDION DTRO system to recover water and segregate dissolved solids present in the reject. Additionally, falling film (FF), forced circulation (FC), thermo vapour re-compressor (TVR), mechanical vapour re-compressor (MVR), agitated thin film dryer and scraped surface system are other systems.

With features like provision for inline dosing, inbuilt clean-in-place (CIP) for periodic membrane cleaning, auto and manual control of entire reverse osmosis (RO) plant, dry run protection, overload protection, etc., the system offers the following benefits:

• Minimal pre-treatment [INDION Multigrade Filter (MGF) + INDION Cartridge Filter (CF)].
• Up to 95 per cent total dissolved solids (TDS) removal and efficient handling of TDS fluctuation.
• Low membrane replacement cost.
• Reusable quality of treated water.
• Smaller footprint and modular units.
• Upgradable system.
• Easy availability of spares and services with short delivery periods.

Applications areas
The system offers varied applications such as fresh water generation for army, navy, cruise liners and submarines, treatment of landfill leachate, treatment of complex waste water generated from industries such as distillery, pharmaceutical, chemical, textile, tannery and many more.

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