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Grundfos iSolution pumps: great savings, extended customisation

Grundfos iSolution pumps: great savings, extended customisation


Grundfos is the first company to couple IoT technology with their pumps, leading to what is now called – Grundfos iSolutions. Years of R&D and expertise in the pump industry, the iSolution greatly improved on several aspects. Focusing on intelligent communication between components like the drives, measurement and control systems, the Grundfos iSolution pumps have enabled the end-users to enjoy benefits like user-friendliness, great savings, and extended customisation.

In addition to this, Grundfos has introduced an app, SmartServ. Making lengthy emails and long phone calls a thing of the past, SmartServ provides a way for customers to easily avail the maintenance and other services for their Grundfos products. To raise a request, click a picture, fill in the details of the request and raise a service request. If the pump is retrofitted with the latest iSolution tech, assistance can be remotely provided to fix the issue. Else service personnel would be deployed from the nearest centre.

SmArt Serv app
The launch of the SmArt Serv app is yet another effort to strengthen commitment to provide fast and transparent service support to the customers.

Procurement is considered effective when all the costs associated with it are known beforehand. This helps companies plan and decide if a solution they are considering is economical and adheres to their budget.

Hidden costs can turn a deal sour. Companies that are selling must enumerate all the costs associated with a said product.

As already mentioned, it is now possible to quantify value in financial terms. It is also important to state how these numbers were arrived at. Grundfos, in all its marketing material, informs its clients with detailed graphs and calculations of how their product conserves energy and reduces costs. Additionally, this helps them make an informed investment.

Make in India: the vision and new processes
Make in India’s impact on the process of value-driven project procurement process is profound. The government initiative encourages companies to set up base in India and allow local production. Apart from the generic benefits of more employment and the related macroeconomic benefits, Make in India allows companies to tailor their products to tackle problems that are faced in the surrounding geographical region. This enables them to provide value and at the same time reduce costs by manufacturing the products close the points of sale.

Last year, Grundfos launched its latest manufacturing facility in Ahmedabad, Gujarat run by its subsidiary Grundfos India. The facility is spread across two acres and will supply stainless steel products, boosters, and box products to India’s western and northern regions. This new facility envisioned on the Make in India model, will also export stainless steel components to Grundfos’ global facilities in Europe, the Americas and China.

The state-of-the-art facility has been developed based on Grundfos’ designs and specifications. Staying true to the company’s sustainability focus, the Ahmedabad facility will allow Grundfos to save on transportation time and distance, thereby reducing the impact on the environment through these CO2 reductions. This also means that Grundfos’ customers in the west and north of India will get quicker deliveries of their products as well.

Authored by:
George Rajkumar
Plant Director
Grundfos India



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