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BioBooster: A solution for wastewater treatment

BioBooster: A solution for wastewater treatment


Sanjeev Sirsi, Head – Water Utility, Grundfos Pumps India Pvt Ltd explains some of the innovative pump solutions that are suitable for the municipal water system.

Grundfos supplies a full line of equipment and solutions designed specifically for municipal water segment. Grundfos is at the forefront in promoting and facilitating energy efficiency and sustainable technology, ensuring that water supply and wastewater facilities meet future challenges and regulations. With Grundfos, municipalities can optimise, treat and pressure manage water supply all the way to the end user, and the company offers reliability and modularity for collecting, transporting and treating wastewater, including:

• Raw water intake – bringing water to life in a financially and environmentally sustainable way.
• Drinking water treatment – a full-line supplier of tailored solutions for the entire water treatment process.
• Water distribution – market-leading pump optimisation and pressure control solutions.
• Wastewater transport and flood control – downtime is reduced and risk minimisation is built into dependable, energy efficient solutions.
• Wastewater treatment – low lifecycle costs and the hydraulic stability necessary for effective mechanical, biological and chemical treatment.

Some of the innovative pump solutions that are suitable for the municipal water system are:
• The BACMON is a fully automated bacteria monitoring solution. BACMON can monitor microbiological parameters in your water continuously, with automated batch sampling technology delivering results in minutes without adding chemicals. BACMON samples directly from the water line and delivers combined results within minutes for one to access on their mobile device or PC.
• BioBooster is a solution for wastewater treatment and water re-use applications in the F&B industry and for treating municipal and hospital wastewater. The solutions that come with the BigBooster are:
c Bringing wastewaters back to life with better effluent quality for water re-use and discharge.
c Less trouble and lower operator demand through lean robust designs and automation.
c Higher quality in design and more flexibility for end users through industrialisation and modularisation.
• Pressure management is essential to effective leakage management. With Grundfos Demand Driven Distribution (DDD), pumps, intelligent components and system surveillance are packaged to build unique pressure management solutions that minimise water losses, reduce energy consumption and minimise operational costs for leaks and pipe maintenance. The DDD controller connected to network pressure sensors via the GSM network allows control of the pumps in accordance with data logged on a daily basis via an adaptive control algorithm. The measured data are then used for adaptive control of the pumping station, keeping the pressure in the network at the desired value, without troublesome analysis and re-configurations of the system to maintain proper operation.

Authored by
Sanjeev Sirsi
Head – Water Utility
Grundfos Pumps India Pvt Ltd


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