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“Prefab construction industry needs govt support”

“Prefab construction industry needs govt support”


  Prefab technology saves time and money vis-à-vis conventional construction.
Rise of prefab
Pre-fabricated (prefab) construction is described as alienate to construction with brick, mortar, sand, water, aggregate etc. Porta or prefab cabins can be used as temporary commercial accommodations, hospitals, hotels, power projects, marketing site offices, exhibitions, selling kiosks, huts, toilets, and even kitchens. Today prefab cabins are available in all forms and perform as good as conventional construction.

Tinny Craft made a humble beginning in almost two decades ago when concept of prefab cabin was in its infancy. Today the company has added many feathers. It offers portable cabins, bunk houses, containers, pre-engineered buildings, sheds, security huts and towers with search light, toilets etc.

Tinny Craft makes PVC door under ‘AJANTA’ brand. It also manufactures dog houses for dog lovers and donates free to such persons or NGOs who care for street dogs.

Advantages prefab construction
Tinny Craft has indigenously designed and made Labour Skill Development Centres of Bhutan Government; Mobile Fisheries Shops and Dispensaries have been conceptualised and implemented successfully for Kerala Government.

Explaining the unique advantages of prefab technology Ankleshwar Nanchahal, Director, Tinny Craft said, “Prefab technology saves time and money vis-à-vis conventional construction. Prefab structures are cost effective in hilly areas, projects sites and prohibited areas where conventional construction is not allowed. Since they can be re-used and re-located, are ideal for road, mining and power projects.”

Future outlook   
Nanchahal observes that there are much technological advancement yet to take place in the field of prefab construction as far as Indian market is concerned. He said, “Indian consumers at present apprehensive about this technology but with time and the government initiative, both commercial and residential structures can be shifted to prefab industry.”
Prefab can find solution for low cost housing and prefab infrastructures like hospitals, schools and offices in prefab construction.

“International concept, quality, finishing are yet to take shape. Till date such standards are not in practice though foreign customers are demanding but our mechanical set-up is not meeting the requirement,” he added and assures, “It will be visible soon.”

Expects proactive initiatives
The industry expects the government should popularise the concept of prefab construction. When the present government is on a mission of setting up toilets across the country, prefab cabins can be an answer. However, Nanchahal feels, “The government needs to be more realistic while placing tenders for prefab cabins for toilets. There is no such material available within the stipulated range of ` 3,266 which can last for 10 years that also without maintenance.”

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