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Fund flow, planning pivotal

Fund flow, planning pivotal


With the massive developments in construction and construction material industry in India, the tagline of procurement is changed from less expensive to cost effective and value for money in the last two decades in the construction sector due to availability of Indian-made quality building materials and building systems at decent pricing with the guarantee of reliability, performance, stability and wide range of options.

Value- major parameter
“At HalleysBlue, since two decades and in our journey of successfully completing 650+ projects, value has been a dominating parameter over costing,” says Vishwa Murthy, CEO, HalleysBlue Steels Pvt Ltd.

Right from design till the last screw on roof sheet, value in every aspect is cautiously framed, inculcated and delivered with a very precise focus at every step as the value is the major parameter that decides the building performance and customer satisfaction, he says.

New technology
Upgradation in technology in design, fabrication and executing is very imperative policy for the company to attain better optimised design to achieve optimised use of non-renewable resources, which is steel majorly.

“We have employed and are also working on green building concepts wherein the natural light and air are allowed inside the buildings to the required level thereby saving on power without impacting the functional aspect parameter,” said Murthy.

The addition of automated profile welding is a new feather in the cap and the company’s focus on upgrading the conversion and erection process is to achieve better quality with optimised human effort, which raises safety and comfort to work, according to Murthy.

The company’s design team uses proven and widely-used software packages for designing the steel structures to achieve the accuracy level at its best considering the highest safety, stability and serviceability criteria.

Timely procurement at right time
“Timely and quality procurement at the right price is vital as one cannot take a chance to wait or redo things given that the project timelines are much optimised,” Murthy says.

It is also very important for suppliers too to have buyers in good terms to place orders consistently. Fund flow and fund planning plays a major role in procurement as the project suffers at both vendor and buyer’s side in the absence of the same, he added.

According to Murthy, Make in India is fuelling the sentiment encouraging many start- ups in India. People are preferring to locate the right product and right price locally than importing to a very great extent. It is aiding manufacturing of almost everything other than the exclusive resources like oil and precious material/metals.

Timely and quality procurement at the right price is vital as one cannot take a chance to wait or redo things.
Vishwa Murthy, CEO, HalleysBlue Steels Pvt Ltd.



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