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COLORBOND steel: enabling core business success for FMCG

COLORBOND steel: enabling core business success for FMCG


Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry is the fourth largest sector in Indian economy. FMCG companies are identified by their ability to give consumers products that are highly demanding, developing a relationship of trust and loyalties. Of recent times, the advantages of scale or mass have significantly diminished in the consumer market space in India. Contract manufacturing, with organised retail, digital infiltration and sourcing transparency have allowed many smaller players to set up, operate and thrive in a nimble manner. Significant improvements in ease of doing business, renewed enthusiasm towards entrepreneurship due to Make in India, and ability to identify and target micro segments have allowed players to flood the market with products catering to specific customer needs. Sub-contracting has gained immense attention by big players who are taking advantage of the local manufacturing capabilities.

To succeed in a competitive scenario, the focus has shifted on volumes available at lower prices, where producers are constantly under pressure to deliver products with greater variants with an uncompromised production uptime to seize their presence in the market place. Add to this, changing consumer preferences demands agility in quickly adapting to newer set up facility, with minimal time loss for quick earnings.

This necessitates units that are made from robust, high performing and easy on execution building materials. Additionally, demand for FMCG can be very seasonal, meaning manufacturers must be very flexible to produce different goods at different times. It also means that “faster-time-to-market” is crucial to win customers. A quick setup and installation of a production line is necessary to achieve this and ensuring adequate temperature while manufacturing is critical.

Roofing is a critical building component providing longevity to structure along with protection during extreme weathers.
COLORBOND steel from Tata BlueScope Steel ensures your goods are in safe hands.

Corrosion resistance: One of the primary concerns of an FMCG company is exposure to toxic emissions as most of them are situated in industrial zones, under challenging environmental conditions. COLORBOND Steel has high quality paint system in built, which is resistant to the above conditions and outlasts other roofing materials.

The steel is thermally efficient material. It radiates less heat optimising solar reflectance, and cools down quickly at low temperatures (during night), especially when used in lighter colours. Consumer goods stored in distribution centres or warehouses though under conducive temperature control may consume higher energy if the roof is not thermally efficient. It reduces the inside temperature by up to 5 C thereby ensuring thermal comfort.

Environment friendly:
Metal roofing is 100 per cent recyclable and is transport efficient besides contributing to less on-site wastage.
Superior aesthetics and durability: COLORBOND steel consists of – steel base that provides strength, metallic coating of 55 per cent Al-Zn alloy coating ensures outstanding anti-corrosion performance and innovative super durable polyester paint applied to the product. This ensures meagre maintenance and optimises investment in the long run.

Quick Installation:
For early occupation and manufacturing of goods, it is critical to get the processing unit or the factory shed up and running without delay. The steel is easy and quick to install and can be installed over existing roofs also, saving costly tear off. With shorter lead time, agility in material transportation along with constant tracking, makes COLORBOND a brand.

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