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Volvo Penta makes mining sustainable

Volvo Penta makes mining sustainable


Volvo Penta engines are used across the industry. Could you brief us on your offerings for the mining segment?
We offer 5-litre to 16-litre engines rated 105 kW to 565 kW for mining equipment. The entire range is certified for MSHA and CANMET which are major certification accepted globally for mining equipment. We offer range of optional equipment suitable for various customer and site requirements.

What are the key success factors for a mining equipment?
Sustainable mining depends on key factors associated with the equipment and its power system i.e. diesel engine.
Compact machines with optimised payload carrying capacity, low operating weight help reduce fuel consumption and increase tyre life. The machines need to have high uptime to maintain a continuous mining process without disruption. It is important to have a good working environment for the operators working hours in confined spaces underground. Machine with low emissions are therefore a must requirement in mining industry. Further less emission mean less ventilation requirement in underground mines and reduced mining cost.

How engines can play in this regard?
Engine plays very significant role in maximising performance and functionality of the mining equipment at utmost safety. The compactness of the engine installation plays important role in optimising machine size and driving visibility creating safer driving experience for operator. Engine with less emissions and low heat release improve working environment for operators. High machine uptime at lowest fuel consumption is delivered by engine. Engine power to weight ratio, torque and RPM can substantially enhance machine productivity.

What are the USPs of Volvo Penta engines for mining applications?
Volvo Penta’s compact engine with optimised cooling demands helps design machine such that operator visibility is enhanced for manoeuvring the machine safely inside the mines. The higher power to weight ratio, automotive base engine results into improved fuel consumption. Fuel savings observed with Volvo Penta engine are in range of 10 to 15 per cent. These engines with have higher RPMs, it improves bucket fill rate and machine speed at inclination thus increasing machine overall productivity.

Our engines are certified for MSHA and CANMET for mining. These engines are able to operate at lowest ventilation with help of clean technology thus reducing the mine development cost. The low emission and less heat release from the engine reduce negative health effects on operator. We also offer range of optional equipment that provides customer wanted flexibility. Our remote oil and fuel filter options help customers to carry daily maintenance at ground level.

High engine reliability is backed up by comprehensive aftermarket support in India with 14 dealerships and 81 touch points. We focus on creating long term relationship with our customers and to be more than just an engine supplier. The mining industry is special industry with tough requirements on the engines. We are proud to be part of this industry delivering engines with reliable technology that maintain high uptime and a good working climate.
How do you see the acceptance of your engines in India?Volvo Penta engines are widely accepted in mining segment in India. We have very good presence in Western part of India for underground zinc mines with Sandvik loaders and haulers. In addition, our mine dewatering pumps are running in Goa, and crushers are operating in East and Central part of India in mining industry.

Also, Volvo trucks and Volvo construction equipment powered by same Volvo engines are successfully operating in mines across India.

Are you developing any customised product for Indian market?
At present there is no specific requirement from Indian mining industry and our existing range of engines and specification meet most of the global mining industry. We have products complying with the highest safety and emission standards required for mining equipment. Depending on when the government selects its emission legislations, we can select the technology for India and implement it on our products.



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