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SANY India plans a slew of launches

SANY India plans a slew of launches


Brief about Sany as a group and its presence in the South Asia market.
Sany as a group is one of the largest construction equipment (CE) manufacturing groups in the world today. Our presence in South Asia is improving steadily for the last five to six years and market share is almost doubling in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan over the last four to five years.

How do you look at Nepal market for your product?
Nepal is a significant market, more so when we see it with respect to the Indian market or the development happening here. In the last two to three years, the market has almost doubled in terms of the industry volume. If you look at the infrastructure growth with respect to the concrete equipment, Nepal market is growing at a much faster pace. Back to excavator market, we are seeing that it is close to almost 1,500 to 1,700 excavators per year from as low as about 400 machines market about four to five years back. Therefore, there is not able interest from Sany in Nepal.

What is your market share in Nepal for excavators?
Bhajuratna Agency Pvt Ltd, our authorised dealer in Nepal has been with us in a-ll categories of products for the last three years. There is a strong presence of 20 tonnes in this market. We can be much faster in terms of customisation and are steadily improving our market share in Nepal. This year, we are about 10 per cent and going ahead, in 2019, we are targeting about 15 per cent market share. Nepal is in a phase of rebuilding after the earthquake that took place about two years back, so the infrastructure development specifically into the roads, bridges and the housing development is quite significant for the overall GDP.

What is your preparation and what people can expect from your company at bauma?
This edition, our participation in the expo would be much greater than last time. Nearly 30 equipment across product lines would be displayed this time. There are host of launches plannedfor the Indian market which is the biggest markets in South Asia. Hence, the focus is on filling in the product gaps in equipment lines like excavators, concrete, cranes or pilling rigs.

How do you look at carbon emission in India as a manufacturer?
Our emphasis has always been on fuel-efficient machines which emit lesser pollutants into the environment. Our machines are designed to be more fuel efficient, less carbon emittingand safer when it comes to international safety standards. If you look atour design, cabin, structural, or overall stability of the machine, it’s probably better than the best available in the market. Government of India, ICEMA and DHI, in consultation with the OEMsare in talks for switching over to the next level of emission standards.

Is there any initiative happening for hybrid machines?
High-level or hybrid technology involves huge cost which includes both developing cost and acceptability by the customer. While the Indian market is yet to be ready for hybrid or electronic alternatives, as of now, we would focus on our equipment becoming more fuel efficient.

Focus is on filling in the product gaps in equipment lines like excavation, concrete, cranes or pilling rigs
Dheeraj Panda,Head – Excavator & Mining Business Unit, Sany India



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