Home RCMME Industrial Profile “Sand is the second-most used natural resource on Earth after water”
“Sand is the second-most used natural resource on Earth after water”

“Sand is the second-most used natural resource on Earth after water”


With consistent growth in the past years, Bhajjanka Ispat Pvt Ltd aims to grow at 15-20 per cent this year as well. Already enjoying the market support for its products on the back of constant quality check and delivery time, the company plans to increase investments and enhance product quality by leveraging government opportunities.

Steady growth
Bhajjanka Ispat Pvt Ltd has been very aggressive in its product line since the last four years with very good growth in the previous year as well. Bhajjanka has been growing at a steady pace of 15-20 per cent since a few years and looks forward to achieving the same growth this year too. In terms of customer acquisition, the team has been doing a tremendous job and currently the company is working with almost all OEM’s in the country, exporting to over six countries as of now and also looking forward to increasing the number in this year too. At Bhajjanka, the focus is to keep working with the equipment manufacturers and provide them all kind of support, be it technical, logistics, product development, or any changes in the product line to suit our customers need.

The company has cemented its brand as the biggest suppliers of processing plant equipment and spares manufacturers like hydrocyclones, PU dewatering panels, nozzles, bucket panels, hose pipes, rubber-lined pipes, etc. Its hydrocyclones are the fastest moving product in the market and the demand for the same has increased many folds over the last year. The company works very closely with its customers in customising and commissioning the cyclones on site also with the help of the technical engineers.

The latest in line of the company’s products is a 750-mm, single-wash cyclone (750 C Series) which can take inlet feed of 150 TPH straight from the pump which has been in a good demand with some of our customers in India and Russia also. The company keeps improvising our designs in our dewatering panels also to suit the need and requirement of our customers.

What makes Bhajjanka unique
The USPs of the company include the kind of interaction they have with customers. The key is to first understand their demand in terms of selection of cyclones and the kind of sand they want to produce thus providing them the right selection of apertures in the panels.

The second key is to be very competitive in the market and subsequently not compromising in the quality of the products being manufactured. As the raw material, products are not being manufactured and are sourced from Japan and USA which is believed to have maintained at par standards yielding good results. Currently, the top of the line manufacturing plant is totally automised which helps to maintain good quality products throughout. The in-house testing facility is where all raw materials are tested for its tensile property, elongation, rebound, abrasion and other parameters as and when required.

Leveraging government opportunities
The government has been taking a lot of initiatives to provide opportunities for engineering companies in India to increase their product line with the introduction of new and better technology plants and machines.

“Sand is the second most natural resource to be used after water on our planet “. Banning river, sand is a welcome move from the government which helps in improving the quality of water in our river. The company believes it has merely scratched the surface in terms of manufacturing sand in India and there is a huge demand of sand in different sections of our industry – infrastructure, road construction, RCC plants, plaster sand, glass industry, foundries, etc.

The government is increasing the funds being allocated in the infrastructure sectors and also promoting the usage of manufactured sand which in turn is pushing projects in the sector.

The government has been doing phenomenal job in implementation and allocation of the funds for the projects. The decisions of investment to be made in all the sectors have increased in folds over the years. The company is looking forward to make the most of it by increasing its investment in terms of production and providing better quality products with the help of all our partners and as a group.

The projects implemented by the government creates more options for engineering industry which in turn creates more revenue for the SSI and MSI.

Business outlook for 2018-2019
The company is optimistic for the financial year 2018-19. The market has been very supportive of the products of Bhajjanka and due to the constant quality check and delivery time, they are looking forward to doing some good business this year also. Customers are very optimistic about the demand for sand this year too which they have reiterated and the company is keen to provide more support to them and close the year with a bigger and better growth as compared to that in the last financial year.

Authored by:
Vikas Shingal,
Bhajjanka Ispat Pvt Ltd


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