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Qualitative, organised platform for CE

Qualitative, organised platform for CE


bauma CONEXPO India (bC India) is very well recognised brand all over Asia and probably the most qualitative organised platform for the construction equipment industry in India, says company’s Vice President Pankaj Kumar. Exhibitors meet high quality trade visitors at bauma CONEXPO India. DOZCO has always actively participated in bauma CONEXPO India since past few years.

This time the company is exhibiting newly launched hydraulic rock breaker advanced series and also exhibiting equipments and parts such as Yanmar mini excavator, Hidromek motor grader, Shantui bulldozer, tires, cutting edges, end bits, chisels and tooth points etc.

Rigorous quality and safety standards
DOZCO manufactures rock breaker, chisel, quick coupler, bucket, GET parts, undercarriage parts and authorised exclusive distributor of few globally reputed earthmoving, construction and road equipment.
DOZCO’s latest product is advanced series hydraulic rock breakers, some of the new models along with existing models are DOZCO 370A, DOZCO 440A, DOZCO 1000A, DOZCO 3000A, DOZCO 3500A, DOZCO 4000A. The range of hydraulic rock breakers and tools is the most comprehensive in the market; all manufactured to meet rigorous quality and safety standards. The comprehensive advanced rock breaker series enhance the safety, productivity and profitability of crushing operations in mines and quarries. Comprising over 17 models from 1 to 100 tonnes, DOZCO delivers complete bespoke equipment packages to meet customer’s specific needs.

• Reinforced body for greater reliability.
• Accumulator designed for higher efficiency.
• Larger piston diameter for increased impact energy.
• Improved power or weight ratio to maximise productivity.
• Lower operating cost.
• Maintenance friendly.

• Ideal for quarry application, mining, foundation, trenching, earthwork, tunnelling and construction. The breakers are compatible with all variants of excavators.

• Hydraulic rock breaker digs through tough materials much more quickly and effectively than the expensive and now difficult to find manual labour.

• Hydraulic rock breaker provides a great deal of flexibility, as it can be used in places where large well-drilling equipment may not fit.

DOZCO has started taking cognisance of demand getting gradually characterised by requirement of refined engineered products, so as to curtail owning and operating costs. Kumar says, “DOZCO reckon to the
fact that big portion of business still continues to be volume driven. Since the Indian market remains volume driven, a single product is exposed to myriad breaking or demolition applications.”

The ranges of products are quite extensive for catering every segment of the market with range of 1-100 tonnes class excavators. 20 tonnes is the most extensive demand segment. Kumar says, “Our breakers have array of advanced technical competitive features comprising robust casing equipped with Hardox material to get enhanced life while handling boulders. Higher operating weight helps stress wave transverse to the ground more effectively and efficiently in DOZCO advanced series range of hydraulic rock breakers.”

Industry back on fast track
In developing countries like India, infrastructure development plays a significant role in its economic development. Kumar says, “The tormenting recession of last year due to demonetisation and implementation of GST, has now become a thing of past and industry is getting back on fast track and the adoption of better technology can only lead to the success of any organisation.”

Exhibitors meet high quality trade visitors at bauma CONEXPO India.
Pankaj Kumar, Vice President, DOZCO (India) Pvt Ltd



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