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Latent customer demands make room for efficient solutions

Latent customer demands make room for efficient solutions


The mining industry has been facing several challenges in terms of driver shortage, pressure on execution of projects with strict time lines, better control on overall fleet to enhance utilisation and efficiency, rising fuel costs etc. Commitment towards customer well-being is required by providing suitable transport solutions and uptime services coupled with value-added offerings including driver training, operational consulting etc.

Flagship offerings
FMX 460 8×4 I-Shift: Volvo FMX tipper is designed and built for tough operating conditions in the mining and construction segments and is robust, powerful and efficient. The product FMX 460 comes with a 12.8-litre engine producing 460 hp at 1400-1900 rpm and generates 2300Nm of torque at 1000 – 1400 rpm. Also, a wide economic speed range of 1000-1500 rpm helps to get the maximum fuel efficiency.

“FMX 8X4 comes with 19.5 cu.m load body for overburden and mineral applications. Depending on the moisture content of material to be transported, we offer rock body and exhaust heated body variants,” according to Dinakar B, Senior Vice President – Sales, Marketing and Aftermarket, Volvo Trucks India, VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd.

FMX 10×4 dump truck: The company has pioneered to set new benchmarks through innovation and 10×4 dump truck is a five axle dump-truck built on the robust FMX platform. The company offers 2 variants in the 10×4 dump trucks category – FMX 480 10×4 dump truck with 24 cu.m body & FMX 520 10×4 dump truck with 26.1 cu.m body.

FMX 460 33 cu.m tipper: Volvo FMX 460 hp with a 33 cu.m on sturdy FMX platform and with a unique U-type body design enables light weight body and thereby providing enhanced payload for hauling coal (washed or raw coal).

FMX tippers comply with all statutory and safety requirements of the DGMS (Directorate General of Mines Safety).

FMX 8×4 Tridem: First of its kind 8×4 tipper with liftable tag axle which offers extreme maneuverability and performance in the construction segment.

“We also offer customised product offerings depending on the application requirements and operating conditions – 45 cu.m capacity tip-trailers for aggregates movement and 46 cu.m capacity tip-trailers for coal transportation application. For coal haulage application through a dedicated haul corridor, we offer 148 cu.m road-train solution coupled with suitable tractor thus offering superior productivity with minimum number of truck fleet,” he said.

Increasing productivity, profitability
Typically, in the mining transportation application, fuel accounts for over 55 per cent and maintenance accounts for close to 20 per cent of the total operational costs. Some of the technologically advanced features in our trucks include:
High-performance engines: Volvo engines are engineered very meticulously to deliver superior performance and power without compromising on the fuel efficiency. FMX 460 8×4 has 13-litre engine producing 460 hp at 1400-1900 rpm and generates 2300Nm of torque at 1000 – 1400 rpm.

Engine management system: The Volvo EMS provides precise and efficient engine control. The engine control module takes in data from several sensors on the engine and the vehicle and adjusts fuel quantity, injection timing accordingly, throughout the engine’s operation.

I-shift: I-shift feature is another superior innovation from Volvo that ensures precise torque from the engine is available at wheels through electronic control unit even when the truck carries heavy loads. This means driver can focus on maneuvering the truck and the driving experience is extremely easier, safer and comfortable.

Meeting challenges
“We are positive on the opportunity and potential for mining equipment coming from the key policy and government-related initiatives like enhancing coal production to reduce dependency on imports, commercial coal mining, opening up and operationalisation of new mines, MDOs, etc.,” he says.

Growth for mining trucks
High-performance trucks operate in the coal overburden transportation application primarily and Volvo Trucks has a significant presence in this tough and demanding application. The overall infrastructure development initiatives and positive GDP growth forecasts, improving industrial output etc., will lead to a higher energy demands which are largely addressed through thermal power. Also initiatives towards rural electrification, power for all, reduced dependency on coal imports etc. will further push the demand for domestic coal.

“We are positive about the opportunity potential for high-performance trucks with the trends suggesting preference towards contractual mining, increasing stripping ratios, higher mine depths, coal production demands etc,” he believes.

Outlook on industry
Latent customer demands from niche segments in mining and construction have been more challenging and complex with the pressure on stricter project execution time lines etc. This is translating into the demand for more reliable, highly productive and most efficient transport solutions consistently delivering profitability for customers.

CV market- opportunities and challenges
The outlook for the Indian commercial vehicle industry is positive as the country continues to urbanise. There are more investments into infrastructure and increased consumption, particularly through online shopping, increases transport needs. Progressive economic policies, like GST, are also likely to contribute towards industry growth.

“Looking ahead, we see stricter emission regulations as an important trend with India set to leapfrog to BS VI standard already by 2020. We also see connectivity as an important differentiator in the market as progressive fleet operators and logistics companies see the benefit of telematics in reducing costs and improving productivity. An increased attention to productivity also means TCO awareness and a focus on cost optimisation and fuel efficiency,” he said.

While India is a price-sensitive market, in India, there is still a focus on the sticker price. However, haulage operators are concerned with the total cost of a vehicle over its entire lifecycle. This mindset shift creates a demand for European brands and their fuel efficient, high quality products with long lifecycles.


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