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Creating customer delight

Creating customer delight


We are one of the few companies in India supplying almost 100 per cent European CE approved components and elements, therefore, assuring the best quality and performance to the market

Saikat Bagchi,
Director – Sales & Marketing,
Jaso India Pvt. Ltd.

Jaso is one of the largest overhead crane suppliers worldwide. Saikat Bagchi sees his company playing a leading role in the EOT cranes business by offering advanced, cost-effective solutions.

What is your take on the recent performance of EOT cranes industry in India?
The crane industry in India is highly fragmented. Its expected market growth in the range of 10 – 12 per cent between 2010 and 2015 on account of global slowdown and cascaded effect in India the industry has seen many investment plans being deferred. By revenue, about 70 per cent of the market is held by the established players. The manufacturing sector’s average growth was around 7.7 per cent in 2009-10. In 2007-08 it peaked to 14.3 per cent. The decline is due to the slowdown in GDP in 2011-12. In the past 2 years, there were not much of improvements in many policies around infrastructure, land acquisition and environmental clearance. However, with the new government in the centre, things are looking up.

According to estimates, the Indian industrial cranes market approximately amounts to ` 2,000 – ` 2,200 crore per annum. Majorly 70 per cent demand comes from the private sector and the remaining 30 per cent from the government-owned companies. The future prospects for crane sector looks promising, due to the growth of manufacturing sector, infrastructure development and foreign direct investments in India. The demand for industrial cranes is expected to grow steadily at a pace of around 20 per cent every year and would help India grow and place itself amongst the fast developing third-world countries.
Plans have been made, to attract maximum Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). The state governments have constituted separate cell namely the Industrial Investment Secretariat Cell (IISC) to facilitate investment and a high-level committee to accord fast-track clearance for investment proposals.

Could you tell us about your offering in this segment?
Jaso is recognised world-wide for its unparalleled advanced engineering, outstanding performance of its manufactured equipment, as a result of the state-of-the-art manufacturing process and means, impeccable service, being, therefore, one of the largest overhead crane suppliers worldwide.

We are one of the few companies in India supplying almost 100 per cent European CE approved components and elements, therefore, assuring the best quality and performance to the market.
On the other hand, we are allowing customers save enormous amount of money due to an advanced engineered low-cost running crane resulting in a drastic reduction of investment costs on their infrastructures.

What are the unique advantages of JASO’s EOT cranes?
We have various unique advantages in our cranes. However, the salient features of JASO cranes are that they are lighter in weight. As a result of which the investment in structural part of any factory set up, would be very less. There are VVVF drive in CT and LT movements. As a result of which LT / CT motions are smooth and variable and power saving is about 30-35 per cent. Our cranes are robust in operation, so it can withstand higher temperature, fumes, dusty atmosphere etc. The cranes are having contactor logic systems. As a result of which our cranes are almost break-down-free for about first 4-5 years. Also, spares consumption in JASO cranes are very less.

How safe are your EOT cranes?
Owing to the reasons already mentioned hereinabove, our cranes are almost accident-free if used as per the manual supplied to the customers and also that they have sensors for controlling movements at every stage which cautions the operator of any malfunctioning, which could be detrimental to the crane. We have overload guard and limit switches which help the operator to run the cranes smoothly.

Who are your major customers in the EOT cranes market in the country?
We are currently catering to a large number of industries especially to steel units, power and energy segments, heavy engineering, ports, engineering automotive giants, general manufacturing, and pulp and paper units.

Are you planning any new investments to cater to the increased demand for equipment that you foresee going ahead?
We have aggressive plans to invest into several other specialised sectors and for which dialogues have already been initiated with national level survey bureaus to find out the requirement pattern etc. for the new products which are to be initiated. This has an array of sophisticated units who require specific qualities of cranes in which JASO is one of the world leaders in manufacturing.

Tell us about your recent initiatives toward strengthening sales and distribution network.
Our market research activities through all the different 4 marketing or sales regions of the country are very much on. Strong presence in these regions is gearing up with rigorous promotional activities through branding etc. We are taking parts in various national and international exhibitions, events, seminars, workshops etc. to keep ourselves abreast of the current scenario as well as establish our presence in the regions.n
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