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Ajashy: Unique Product line with Diverse Range

Ajashy: Unique Product line with Diverse Range


“Are you really making all this in India?” That is the question I am still asked by many international as well as Indian customers.

“Yes indeed, we are making it all in India. We have our in-house design team and produce everything in Gurgaon, which is near New Delhi,” comes my prompt reply.

To the surprise of many, at times even suspicion, we make offshore and marine products sitting at a place with no sea or ocean nearby. But, everyone is bound to believe this since we are the only third manufacturers of some of the offshore equipment in the entire world, and have made our supplies for offshore, marine, onshore and infrastructure equipment in more than 16 countries like Singapore, Thailand, Israel, UAE, Botswana, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Zambia etc.

Ajashy Engineering is just seven years old, but there is much we have achieved in this short but incredible journey, though there is a long way to go. With products like bear cages, hydraulic shackles and reel drive units to our mobile service vans for the road sector and multipurpose lighting masts (mobile tower lights), we are doing quite a bit to keep us moving in the right direction.

Different strategy
It is difficult to make people in general understand what we make and why we make it. Even family members and close friends fail to understand why we are processing all that steel and hydraulics all the time. Quite often, I tell people we have to adapt to a different marketing strategy as customers are from the niche market and do not buy their stuff from the internet.

We are manufacturing certain offshore and marine products which were being made in Europe only so far. Our products undoubtedly match the quality of European products. Still, we are cheaper by a huge percentage than our western competitors. We have seen customers coming to meet us from Great Britain, Greece, Russia and UAE looking out for products they were able to source from Europe only after spending a fortune with longest lead times. We not only provided them with customised solutions, but also squeezed the timelines to ensure timely execution of projects.

So, are we really making it in India?
Yes, indeed all Ajashy Products are made in India at the manufacturing facility we have in Gurgaon which is in the New Delhi National Capital Region (NCR). With in-house facility of design, development and manufacturing, we have the capability to understand special needs of customers and can deliver products as per customised requirements. We have good knowledge of hydraulics and special steels, and can follow the provided manufacturing guidelines as required for the equipment to work on a specific project. We can deliver in customer guided timelines and can maintain quality standard documents while manufacturing a product.

Author details:
Adityajay Khajuria,
Ajashy Engineering Sales
Private Limited, India



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