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Sell value, not price

Sell value, not price


The project procurement industry has come a long way. Nowadays, procurement decisions are taken more collectively taking recommendation from different departments.

“Customers today consider parameters such as reliability of manufacturer, quality of product, safety features of the product, after sales support and expertise of handling difficult site situations along with the cost, says Raj Lakhani, Managing Director, PERI (India) Pvt Ltd.

Value selling over cost selling
For nearly 50 years, PERI products and systems have proved themselves in the market globally. Given its strong background, the company has expanded its footprints across all construction sectors. The company believes in value selling over cost selling. Its products and systems stand for innovation, speed and safety.

Lakhani adds, “We believe in long-term value creation to our customers and hence, most of our customers are associated with us since inception.”

PERI DUO is one such example of value creation in formwork technology. PERI DUO, a universal application formwork system (single system for walls, foundations, columns and slabs) is the latest innovation in formwork industry in India. It is seen as a potential replacement for the conventional formwork. Ergonomic in all aspects, it is time and labour cost saving, along with high flexibility. The system ensures high-productivity and reduces requirement for skilled labour on site. Being a lightweight formwork system, it is crane independent and has intuitive application. The formwork is manufactured from robust techno polymer and offers virtually tool-free assembly. Techno polymers are shrink free, develop no moisture expansion and do not rust. All these features make the DUO formwork system very beneficial when compared to conventional formwork systems, as they not only enhance the life of the product but also ensure maximum repetition.

PERI India recently introduced PERI UP MI – a cutting-edge shoring and scaffolding technology in India. This innovative solution among the steel shoring and scaffolding systems stands for quick and simple assembly.

PERI UP MI has a unique gravity lock technology. Ledger of this system has a connection in the form of a wedge, which is hooked into the rosette opening. The gravity lock drops into the rosette opening due to its own weight and locks by self-actuating. This feature makes simple and safe assembly of the system and offers huge savings in time and cost.

Customers today consider reliability, product quality, safety features among other parameters, along with the cost.
Raj Lakhani, Managing Director, PERI (India) Pvt Ltd


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