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Layher Protect System ideal for temporary dustproof and noise proof wall

Layher Protect System ideal for temporary dustproof and noise proof wall


Dustproof enclosure system effectively kept out dust from construction – and looked good as well.

The promise made by Layher is the expression of a brand philosophy that we’ve been living by for over 65 years. More speed, more safety, more proximity, more simplicity and more future: values with which Layher strengthens its customers’ competitiveness in the long term. With its innovative systems and solutions, the company has been working all the time on making scaffolding construction even simpler, even more economical and, above all, even safer.

The Layher Protect-System is a cassette enclosure system for the most stringent requirements when it comes to environmental conservation, traffic protection and noise insulation. The airtight connection of the cassettes means they can be used as a dust and noise protection wall, for example during asbestos clearance or restoration work. They can also be used all the year round for buildings, scaffolding covering, façade appearance improvement, event solutions, sandblasting work, partition walls etc.
To make sure that their customers were able to shop during renovation work without disturbance. It had to be functional, but at the same time attractive. The solution was the Protect System from Layher. This dustproof enclosure system effectively kept out dust from construction – and looked good as well.

Application Layher Protect System
In the Hamburg district of Stellingen, with a high population density and heavy traffic problems, the A7 motorway is being widened from six to eight lanes. Since an existing sound insulation wall had to be demolished as part of the construction work, with building a temporary wall to protect the neighbouring residential areas. Due to the small area available for putting up scaffolding, a combination of a substructure made from Allround Scaffolding, which is quick to assemble and is economical in material, and of the Protect System proved to be the right solution. The dustproof Protect enclosure system, consisting of steel and light cassettes, is easy to mount on the Layher system scaffolding and provides economical environmental protection, noise insulation, weather protection and protection for pedestrians. In this way, local residents
are not just protected from construction and street noise and dust from the site during the motorway widening operation; they can also enjoy natural daylight – despite the protective

To provide noise protection, it is possible to equip wall cassette (sound insulation value 20 Db) as sound insulation cassettes or use cassette providing a high level of sound insulation. Light cassettes permit work in daylight conditions within the enclosure.

Frame made from aluminium sections with galvanised sheet steel inserts. A surrounding rubber seal provides a clean, precise connection to neighbouring elements. The wall cassette can be converted to form noise isolation elements. This means the noise emission is reduced by more than 75 per cent. Connection rails close the enclosure at the ground or building. These are clamped to the cassette and make a possible to pull a Kedar tarpaulin.

Layher Protect System – Advantages at a glance
• Requirements of environmental, sound and weather protection are fulfilled.
• Rapid, easy assembly in a simple, logical sequence.
• All-round rubber seal makes the cassette elements almost dustproof (facade coating), vacuum-compatible (removal of asbestos), waterproof (sandblasting work).
• Only few, optical attractive components, designed for frequently changing applications.
• Fully combinable to Layher Allround Scaffolding


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Mithilesh Kumar,
Layher scaffolding systems Pvt Ltd


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