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PEB design determines sustainability

PEB design determines sustainability


Design flexibility, ease of maintenance, quicker return on investment and eco-friendliness are some of the benefits.

Pre-engineered steel buildings (PEB) market is undergoing vigorous growth fuelled by infrastructure development and rising popularity of PEB systems in the industrial sector. Automotive, pharma power, logistics, FMCG, and capital goods are some of the sectors that offer vast growth opportunity for PEB in India.

The challenge faced in India for prefabricated and pre-engineered buildings is the perception shift from conventional construction to pre-engineered steel structure. Though it has been changing over the years, but still the pace is slow. People still tend to look at the conventional methods of construction as cheaper and one of the best ways, overlooking the long-term benefits. However, with emerging awareness of the advantages, a significant shift of industrial construction towards the pre-engineered steel market is taking place at a faster pace.

Benefits of PEB
Major benefits of PEB include easier and faster construction, quicker return on investment; design flexibility assured quality and safety, ease of maintenance, and eco-friendliness.

The quality of construction has improved drastically, project duration has become shorter. Apart from this a special focus is taken on safety standards. A shift from in-site construction to factory-controlled, pre-engineered and high-quality construction has also changed the engineering, material and skill requirements of the construction industry.

PEBs – gaining momentum
The ‘Make in India’ campaign along with smart city development initiatives, have triggered a sustained demand for infrastructure from all sectors in the country. The shift has been a gradual one especially towards smart steel based pre-engineered building solutions with a quick turnaround time that offer faster return on investment (ROI). Tata BlueScope Steel, through its new age technologies, has successfully converted the mindset of the Indian diaspora from traditional to non-conventional construction methodologies.

Strength and sustainability
“At present 33 per cent of the Indian construction industry is PEB based, while the remaining 67 per cent is conventional construction. As compared to masonry construction, PEB construction is 30 to 40 per cent faster, resulting in cost saving and a greater overall ROI. Strength and sustainability is what makes pre-engineered buildings gain advantage over its non-conventional counterparts. Here the excess steel is avoided by tapering the sections as per the bending moment’s requirement and wastage is minimal,” says Pulin Trivedi, General Manager – Building Solutions, Tata BlueScope Steel Limited.

Since construction is faster, early occupancy ensures early return on investment. The use of steel structure is not only economical but also eco-friendly especially at the time when global warming is at its peak. It conforms to the green standard specification world over and has grown as a crucial consideration within the construction fraternity. Sustainability in PEB starts right in its design phase. Since it is predesigned with a predetermined registry of building materials, it optimises resource utilisation; minimising wastage. PEB structures have longer life since they are termite, insect and fire resistant, and can withstand rigors of terse environments. Hence, environmental degradation is to its minimal while erecting a PEB.

Sentiments and trust
Like any other industry in the market, PEB industry is also facing challenges for its growth. “Some of the challenges are industrial, land acquisition, loan sanction from bankers for medium sector corporate, volatility in steel price in the market, unavailability of skilled PEB manpower, political instability. One of the major challenges is of people sentiments and trust as compared to traditional construction methods,” says Trivedi. Even though the government of India is making sincere efforts by introducing business policies and various amendments to it, that will impact Indian economy and its reforms for ease of doing business, we still have to wait for quite some time for its benefits, contributing to the growth story of PEB industry in general.

Modern day requirements demand lighter structures without compromising on functionality. Therefore, for large projects Tata BlueScope’s high strength light weight ZINCALUME steel (Al-Zn alloy coated steel) and COLORBOND steel (pre-painted Al-Zn alloy coated steel) are most preferred materials, especially for cladding applications, as compared to conventional bare and painted galvanised steel. Al-Zn coated steel also finds its application in high-rise buildings as well as heavy pre-engineered buildings, owing to its properties like strength, light weight and corrosion resistance.

BUTLER and ECOBUILD solutions from Tata BlueScope Steel, supplies customised pre-engineered steel buildings that are designed for strength, durability, longevity and sustainability. BUTLER is a premium, globally renowned engineered steel building solution with MR 24 roofing system which carries 10 years leak proof warranty. On the other hand, ECOBUILD is a cost-effective contemporary building system that can be customised to match various designs, functions, sizes and a host of segment specific requirements. Both solutions are accompanied with galvanised purlin and girt known as CEE-plus and ZED plus, last much longer without regular maintenance, as compared with conventional unprotected structural elements. These solutions combine the practicality of a rigid frame with virtually unlimited design flexibility, enabling signature styled architectural structures.

The safe construction practices are a global benchmark derived from BlueScope Steel, Australia. Right from effective use of risk mitigation techniques, erection methodologies supervised by dedicated construction experts, innovative construction technologies and Tata BlueScope Steel’s zero tolerance to safety violence; makes the solutions in line with the customers’ expectations.

Strength and sustainability is what makes pre-engineered buildings gain advantage over its non-conventional counterparts.
Pulin Trivedi, General Manager – Building Solutions, Tata BlueScope Steel Limited


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