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Tough enough for rough jobsites

Tough enough for rough jobsites


Schwing XCMG offers 5-tonne and 6-tonne range of tower cranes that can withstand the extreme conditions in construction sites.
Schwing Stetter India, with expertise in concreting the world for last 83 years, has joined its hands with renowned construction equipment manufacturer XCMG for introducing advanced tower cranes in India. Schwing XCMG introduced 5-tonne and 6-tonne range of tower cranes that can withstand the extreme conditions in construction sites. These highly adaptable fast erecting tower cranes are designed with several features to handle high rise projects. The tower crane made by Schwing-XCMG comes in capacities of 5-tonne and 6-tonne, with free standing height of 35 metres the tower crane withstand upto 1.3 tonnes at the tip load and 5 tonnes at minimum radius of 2.4 metres.

“XGT63YD (5013-5) is a new generation self-elevating tower crane made in accordance with international industry standards. It is a multi-purpose tower crane with horizontal jib, trolley, upper-slewing and self-climbing,” informs V.G. Sakthikumar, Managing Director, SCHWING Stetter Sales and Services.

    Features of the cranes include:

  • Advanced performance parameters and technical indicators, and its max working radius is 50-metre and max lifting height is 140-metre. The crane’s working type includes stationary type, under-frame loading type, attached typed, rail-mounted type and inner climbing type and so on, in order to meet different construction
  • High working speed with good performance, so it is smooth and reliable.
  • Main component of the electrical control system has long operating life with less breakdown and easy maintenance. It also has reliable performance during operation.

    Advanced technologies are:

  • Slewing mechanism is equipped with planetary gear and hydraulic coupler so that it is capable of lifting heavy load and for smooth start and braking without impact.
  • Configuration of eight kinds of safety devices, that are mechanical or electromechanical integration products, ensure stable and reliable performance of the tower crane. The safety devices comes with advanced technologies of load limiter, torque limiter, height limiter, amplitude limiter, slewing limiter, brakes of lifting mechanism, slewing mechanism and travelling mechanism.
  • Lifting mechanism is equipped with a rope-winding system; anti-breaking rope device of trolley (anti-slip) and anti-off-axis device.• Tensioning system of traction rope.
  • Rigid double drag rod suspends the wide-range jib. The jib has excellent stiffness and light weight. Various changes in length are entirely adaptable to meet the different requirements of construction.
  • Cab is installed at one side so the driver will have wide visual field. Driver’s seat can be adjusted according to his personal needs. It creates a better working environment for the operator; cab is with advanced steering linkage units for each action, and it is easy to operate and maintain.

Schwing Stetter India is also importing and trading 8-tonne and 10-tonne capacity of tower cranes and also luffing cranes. The tower crane is suitable for low, medium, high rise, supertall buildings, bridges engineering, large-span industrial plants, ports and high tower construction projects using sliding construction method, such as tall chimneys and silos.



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