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Titan XQC Plus: for standard and innovative welding process

Titan XQC Plus: for standard and innovative welding process


EWM AG is expanding its Titan XQ puls series with a new compact multi-process MIG/MAG welding machine; Titan XQ C puls which is available as either 350 A or 400 A version and is not only perfect for welding booths in industry, trade and training but also for work on large components, thanks to the machine’s action radius of up to 30 metres. This is made possible by the optional miniDrive intermediate drive or the push or pull MT torch from EWM.

The new Titan XQ C puls is the ideal multi-process MIG/MAG welding machine for all pulse, standard and innovative welding processes; all of which are included as standard in the series. Just like decompact design, the compact model also offers excellent XQ welding features; something made possible by the RCC inverter technology. With the torch hose package of up to 5 m in length, the machine is particularly suitable for stationary uses, for example, in welding booths. But significantly larger action radii are also easy to achieve. Welding can be carried out at a distance of up to 12 m using the push or pull MT torch. The miniDrive intermediate drive can even increase the welding radius to up to 30 m.

eFeed saves working time
Alongside the generously-sized power unit for a high duty cycle, its longevity and excellent welding properties, the eFeed drive in the wire feeder is a particular advantage of the new Titan XQ C puls. Its four driven rolls are extremely low-wear and durable. But in addition, non-productive times fall due to quick, automatic wire inching. Thanks to its precision, the eFeed facilitates optimal welding results and helps put the welder at ease.

Easily save welding tasks
There are three control options available for the new Titan XQ C puls viz. LP-XQ, HP-XQ and Expert XQ 2.0. The five ‘favourite’ push-buttons on the LP-XQ control are new; pressing these for more than several seconds will save the currently set operating point to the respective push-button. The operating point can be later recalled by pushing the button again, thus saving valuable working time for the repeated setting, for example in the case of frequently repeated welding tasks. The large storage area on the machine and the series-standard holder for the welding torch are also practical additions for the welder.

Innovative welding processes as standard
Alongside the long-lasting quality of all the components, the compact multi-process MIG/MAG welding machine offers a further property frequently provided by EWM; all innovative welding processes are included in the series as standard. These include the forceArc XQ puls, rootArc XQ puls and wiredArc XQ puls procedures developed for the Titan XQ puls series. The new Titan XQ C puls is also suitable for welding work with flux cored wire; special flux cored wire characteristics are integrated into the series as standard and the welding polarity can be adjusted without having to use tools. The machine is also ready for digital connectivity in the sense of Welding 4.0. The Titan XQ C puls can communicate with ewm Xnet and its innovative component management via a LAN and Wi-Fi interface. The welders can also log into and verify themselves on the machine using the Xbutton.

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