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Skipper’s efficient solutions to build perfect infrastructure

Skipper’s efficient solutions to build perfect infrastructure


Established in 1981, Skipper Limited is one of the largest manufacturers of transmission and distribution structures in India while standing tall among the top 10 worldwide, consistently leading the manufacturing engineering products sector. It is a national powerhouse in the polymer pipes and fittings business and manufactures premium quality products under the brand name of Skipper pipes, which serves both the agriculture and plumbing sectors. With a wide range of premium pipes and fittings that favoured PAN India infrastructure sectors; the company continue to corroborate every structure that is built constructively and effectively. Skipper’s products are meticulously crafted with perfection. The company employ the highest standards of manufacturing procedures and perform stringent quality checks to satisfy its customers to surpass their expectations.

Skipper understands the need for efficient solutions to build the perfect infrastructure that builds a lasting impression. The company strive to execute such perfection at every point of the journey with its cutting-edge technology and quality services. Such a journey is made possible with their dedication, integrity and sheer perseverance that enable them to deliver excellence. Every day the company embark on this journey to establish such perfection and make the world a better place.

Skipper pipes help to bring the most crucial resource closer to where it’s needed!
• CPVC Pipes and Fittings
• UPVC Pipes & Fittings
• SWR Pipes & Fittings
• Underground Drainage (Sewerage) Pipes
• Agriculture Pipes & Fittings
• Casing Pipes
• Ribbed Strainer Pipes
• Column Pipes
• CPVC & UPVC Solvent Cement.

What is CPVC?
CPVC: Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC) is a familiar and versatile thermoplastic especially known as a piping and fitting material used for residential and commercial plumbing applications. It is the same thermoplastic family as PVC. CPVC exhibits superior resistance to heat and pressure which enables it to be used for transporting hot and cold water in domestic, commercial, industrial and fire sprinkler applications. Skipper CPVC Pipes are manufactured as per IS 15778 and ASTM D 2846 and Fittings as per ASTM D 2846. Skipper CPVC pipes and fittings retain mechanical strength at a high temperature of 82 C.

•Available in complete range from 15 to 100mm
•The pipes are available in SDR11, SDR13.5, SCH80, SCH40
•Threaded inserts in the transmission fittings are made from brass.

• Individual homes
• Residential apartments
• Office complexes
• Commercial buildings
• Hotels
• Hospitals.

Why skipper CPVC pipes?
• Skipper pipes uses universally acclaimed CPVC compound from SEKISUI Chemical Company Ltd. Japan to manufacture pipes and fittings matching international standards.
• Sekisui uses heat chlorination manufacturing process which makes the compound more heat stable.
• CPVC pipes and fittings are manufactured in state-of-the-art manufacturing units strategically located in different parts of India for faster deliveries.
• CPVC compounds and pipes are NSF14 certified.
• Efficient machinery for best-in-class quality products.
• Incoming raw materials are inspected and every batch of products is tested in laboratory.

CPVC Advantage
The salient technical characteristics of skipper CPVC are as follows:
• Retains mechanical strength at a very high temperature
• Low thermal expansion
• Reduced heat loss
• No scale builds up due to smooth inner surface
• No effects of corrosions due to high chemical resistance
• Excellent impact strength
• Supports very low bacterial growth
• High resistance to fire
• Easy to install, leak free
• Longer life
• Cost effective
• Safe for drinking water.

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