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Sharplex: modernising filtration technology

Sharplex: modernising filtration technology


Sharplex filters is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of process filtration equipment to chemical, pharma, edible oil, fertiliser, chlor-alkali industries. Sharplex is a ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified company. Sharplex has its modern factory covering 45,000 sq.ft area in Rabale MIDC, Navi Mumbai. Sharplex factory is ISO 9001 certified by M/s. Lloyd’s Register. Sharplex has also been certified by M/s. Lloyd’s Registers for Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC and is authorised to offer its filters with ‘CE’ marking.

The company has its own design CAD-CAM centre and owns latest softwares like Pv-Elite for ASME calculation and Solid-Edge for 3D drawings.

Sharplex offers low maintenance, high efficiency and the best quality modern technology, with automatic self-cleaning filters.

The auto self-cleaning filters are capable to handle very high-flow rates and filtering suspended impurities. The dirty water enters through inlet nozzle and filtered water move to process through outlet nozzle. Multiple wedge wire filtering elements are housed inside and the flow is moving from in to out. As dirt gets accumulate on inner periphery of filtering element, with predefined differential pressure or timer system goes under back wash for few seconds without interrupting downstream flow or process.

Technology has got wide scope in raw water or sea water intake filtration, cooling tower water filtration (full stream or side stream), membrane pre-filtration, nozzle protection, condenser protection and many more.

The main features of the technology:
1. Significant reduction in operation and maintenance cost.
2. Water wastage less than 1 per cent and less energy cost.
3. Less foot print area and no dedicated civil construction is needed.
4. System is capable of handling very high flow rates.
5. Numerous combination of materials can be offered based on water quality.
6. Plug n play technology with easy installation and commissioning.
7. Fully automatic system hence no personal intervention is required.
8. Green technology.


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