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Finolex: Providing hassle-free solution

Finolex: Providing hassle-free solution


Finolex Industries Ltd. introduces SWR pipes and fittings with integrated rings, used for non-pressure plumbing applications. According to the company these products are light weight, easy to install, and due to efficient removal of waste without leakage, gives trouble-free service for long life. The entire range meets internationally accepted quality standards and IS specifications. Pipes conform to IS: 13592 and fittings are manufactured as per IS: 14735. With two classes of pipes – TYPE A and TYPE B, these pipes are manufactured on state-of-the-art extruders and socketed on online belling machines. Fittings are manufactured using collapsible core moulds to ensure smooth bores, lack of internal projections and good hydraulic capacity over the total life of the system. Finolex SWR pipes and fittings with integrated rings are available in a range of 75 mm to 160 mm.

The integrated ring which is pre-fitted in the groove of the socket is permanently positioned by the advanced co-moulded plastic unlike conventional rubber rings which have a tendency to come out during fitment. No solvent cement is required to make joints. This advanced co-moulded elastomeric EPDM ring ensures hydraulic tightness, enables the joints to withstand high pressures (5kg per sq.cm) as well as compensates for the thermal expansion and contraction of plastic. The socket thus supports error free installation.  Finolex SWR pipes and fittings with integrated rings are free from scale formation, rusting, weathering and chemical action. The company claims that the products remain unaffected by bacteria, fungi, micro-organisms and insects, thereby being a long-life and hassle-free solution for its customers.

Finolex Pipes has a distinct advantage of having its own captive production of key raw material PVC resin. Finolex which started off as a modest PVC pipes manufacturer went for a backward integration project to manufacture PVC resin only to ensure an uninterrupted supply of high quality inputs. This ensures an end-to-end control of the final product. While ensuring high quality of processes, the company ensures efficient use of natural resources and assets. There are continuous innovative efforts towards improvement of productivity, quality, safety, and reliability. The company also takes environment preservation very seriously.

Finolex products go through various levels of testing before being released in the market. The company keeps engaging in various consumers connect initiatives and branding activities across the media spectrum.  Extensive feedback is taken from direct customers, farmers or channel partners to understand their needs and identify problem areas which could be connected to the consumers directly. Having a customer centric approach and adapting to changing preference and need is very important for the right product design and development and Finolex pipes actively follows this practice.


  • Integrated rings are permanently positioned at the manufacturing stage itself which ensures easy and quick installation
  • The elastomeric EPDM rings ensures hydraulic tightness, enables the joints to withstand high pressures (5kg/cm2)
  • The integrated ring ensures leak-proof joints that can sustain thermal contraction and expansion
  • Pipes and fittings are joined together by simply pushing the spigot into the socket’s end
  • Joints can be made without the use of solvent cement and can be easily re-opened later for any adjustments if required
  • SWR pipes and fittings with integrated rings withstand high flow rates and due to smooth surface there is no scaling or depositions or choking
  • High degree of accuracy at manufacturing ensures perfect dimensional control
  • UV stabilised to protect from direct sunlight while being operational
  • Light weight of the product facilitates easy and inexpensive transport and installation
  • Unlike conventional rubber rings which may slip out of the groove during installation, the pre-fitted ring holds itself and stays attached to the groove by the plastic reinforcement that enables the joints to become 100 per cent leak proof
  • uPVC is a non-conductor of electricity, and therefore is not subject to galvanic or electrolytic action
  • Does not support fire and provides good resistance to combustion
  • Corrosion and rust proof which confirms longer durability of the product.


  • Waste discharge system in residences, commercial complexes, resorts, hospitals, academic institutes
  • Rainwater transportation and harvesting for residential and commercial buildings
  • Venting of gases and odours
  • Non pressure industrial drainage application (based on chemical compatibility) .

Finolex Industries Limited,
D-1/10, MIDC Chinchwad,
Pune, Maharashtra, 411 019.


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