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KBL: At the forefront of pumping innovation

KBL: At the forefront of pumping innovation


KBL’s exclusive and trademark products like Kirlosmart and LLC pump series are a befitting testimony to its belief of keeping innovation at the centre of everything it does

Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL) is among the leading global manufacturers of innovative energy-efficient fluid management solutions exclusively optimised to operate in demanding applications and meet the specific challenges faced by the customers.

Customisation and engineering are among the major strengths of KBL and, in accordance with the requirement, the company supplies different material variants for various applications. KBL is among the pioneers in the industry to introduce an intelligent and exclusive technology for monitoring and controlling a pump remotely, which can be fully integrated into existing systems using open communication protocols.

Intelligent Pump Monitoring- Kirlosmart
“KirloSmart,” an IoT (Internet of Things) product developed by KBL, is an unique software technology that enables the user to remotely monitor the pump by measuring and transmitting its analytical field parameters on KBL’s web-based portal. More importantly, in case of a pump break-down, the Kirlosmart technology is capable of generating alerts for the probable causes leading to the failure of the pump. Thus, a ‘KirloSmart’ enabled system helps the user in monitoring the pump health on a real-time basis by appropriately sensing the critical health parameters of the pump. ‘KirloSmart’ remotely manages the pump and notifies its current state by transferring the data using wired Ethernet or GPRS. The fact that this smart monitoring system can be operated on a mobile or on an iPad makes it all the more convenient and user-friendly.

Lowest Life-cycle Cost (LLC) Pump Series – LLC
KBL, with a legacy and engineering excellence of over 130 years, is among the leading market leaders in the global pump industry. The company, an Indian multinational pump company, has acquired some of the leading global pump manufacturing companies over the years, which in turn has helped increase the reach of its products globally.

KBL gives utmost importance and invests heavily on R&D. The company’s R&D efforts are particularly focused on the development of cost and energy-efficient solutions suitable and convenient for all. The company recently reaped the fruits of these dedicated and continued R&D efforts over the years with the introduction of a unique and innovative Lowest Life-cycle Cost (LLC) pump series that could help reduce total ownership, lifecycle and operating costs.

The LLC pumps can be offered in horizontal split-case design as well as in vertical design. These pumps carry many features like special coating of hydraulic passages, stainless steel impeller, double row bearings, mechanical sealed body, easy removal of bearings without disturbing or removing suction and delivery piping, which help in reducing energy cost as well as reducing maintenance cost of pumps. As a result, these pumps help increase MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure), reduce downtime and enhance total life span of the product.

According to KBL, the energy cost of an LLC pump is nearly 85 per cent of the total life cycle cost of the pump. The lifecycle cost includes the total ownership cost for a purchaser, right from purchasing the pumps to running of pumps, including maintenance cost. The capital cost of an LLC pump is marginally higher than the traditional pump designs but the payback period is less than three years and, in some cases, even less than 2 years, which makes it one of the most feasible options. The user will thus be able to achieve significant cost savings as a result of reduced outflow in terms of energy and maintenance bills as well as through lesser downtime.

As per the Hydraulic Institute of US and Euro Pumps, water pumps lose efficiency by up to 1-1.5 percentage points per year while LLC pumps lose less than 0.25 percentage points per year. Due to their sustained energy efficiency over a longer period and lowest pump downtime, this pump series is in high demand in India as well as the international market. The exclusive pump series is responsible for reducing energy costs and cutting emissions whilst increasing operating reliability in many of the prominent water intake projects across the country, including Delhi Jal Board, Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC) and Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC).

Right since its inception, KBL has always been an environmentally-conscious organisation striving towards introducing sustainable products and solutions that could help minimise environment impact. The launch of the energy-efficient LLC pumps, which help reduce energy consumption and carbon emission to a significant level, is an extension of the same belief and principles.

About Kirloskar Brothers Limited
Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL) is a world-class pump manufacturing company with expertise in engineering and manufacture of systems for fluid management. Established in 1888 and incorporated in 1920, KBL is the flagship company of the US$ 2.1 billion Kirloskar Group.


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