Home Industrial Astral Silencio: one-stop solution for waste water discharge applications
Astral Silencio: one-stop solution for waste water discharge applications

Astral Silencio: one-stop solution for waste water discharge applications


Astral Silencio is one of the highest quality sound insulating low noise drainage and sewerage piping system in the world, suitable for drainage of both the commercial and residential waste water. Astral Silencio can endure hot and cold waste water and fulfils all the requirements international standards DIN EN 12056 and DIN 1986-100.

Astral Silencio consists of three layers: Polypropylene, mineral reinforced polypropylene and polypropylene, which helps to reduce the noise levels much better than alternative materials. Apart from the superior acoustic properties, Astral Silencio also offers significantly enhanced mechanical properties and it can be one-stop solution for many challenging waste water discharge applications. Astral Silencio is also resistant to a wide variety of chemicals and can be used for drainage of such harsh chemicals.

This 3 layer construction and adaption of each individual layer to its respective requirements makes Astral Silencio a truly effective SWR system. Technically desirable characteristics are optimised in a targeted way.

Astral Silencio is available in nominal diameter from 40mm to 200mm with comprehensive range of fittings and accessories to accomplish the system. Its joining process is simple push-fit technology with a special co-molded ring. This system is easily compatible with different kinds of piping systems like PVC-U, PP or PE without the need of any special adapters.

Astral Silencio fittings are specifically designed to address local vibrations at redirections due to critical drainage conditions that can have a negative effect on sound related properties. Astral Silencio’s fittings too have the same density of 1.9 gm/cm3 as pipes and are made of identical PP mineral filled compounds. While designing the fittings, Astral has done value engineering like door fittings, push-fit socket system with special ring, external ribs for added endurance, and depth gauge for proper fitting and swept angle to reduce the noise further and increase the flow.

Be it a single home, residential complex, or multi-storey apartments, due to its excellent sound insulating properties (<10dB @2LPSi as per EN 14366), Astral Silencio is the ideal choice for all kinds of residential buildings where noise reduction is required.

Astral Silencio also can be installed in buildings with elevated sound insulation requirements (VDI guideline 4100). Thanks to its excellent sound insulation properties, Astral Silencio is ideal choice for Hotels, Office buildings, Restaurants, Hospitals, Rehabilitation Homes, Libraries, Community Centres and Educational Institutes.

Astral Silencio is ideal for application such as an in lying collecting pipe for draining greasy waste water from commercial kitchens to the grease separator. Due to its high temperature resistance (short-term exposure to 95 C; long-term exposure to 90 C), Astral Silencio would be the ideal choice for commercial kitchens where waste water with high temperature is drained.

With its excellent advantages over all alternatives like outstanding noise insulation properties, easy installation, high impact resistance, strength comparable to metal, chemical resistance, resistance to hot water and smooth inner surface, Astral Silencio is an ideal choice for any residential or commercial drainage requirements.

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