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Shift towards eco-friendly technology

Shift towards eco-friendly technology


In the current times, priorities in project procurement have shifted to cost and quality. And, the focus revolving around the two factors means quality technology with a minimal commercial impact.

Industry experts believe that if we need to pay something extra, it should be with suitable value addition for the structural durability along with suitable product performance. The suggested technology or product should be environment friendly.

Understanding customer’s role
“We carefully listen and slip into our customer’s role to really understand his desires and needs. With rich experience and ongoing R&D, we know how to get to the root of a problem and produce detailed solutions to achieve the expected outcome with proper value preposition,” says Er. Sujit Kumar Kar, Head Specification & Marketing, MC-Bauchemie (India) Pvt Ltd.

“Sucess of a project depends on the capacity and know-how of the involved people. Therefore, one of our main targets is to improve the overall knowledge of the market,” Kar said.

This is because the company seeks to ensure that all stakeholders get access to the information which is necessary to accomplish projects. Thus, the company runs various national and international training courses and events in which information regarding new trends in construction is promoted, besides explaining what should be done to make sure that a theoretical solution turns into practical success.
Besides training the market, the company promotes platforms which serve as an effective know-how exchange in the construction sector. A good example is MC-Forum, a well-known event, where industry professionals provide and discuss information on general developments and trends in the market. The exchange of information helps in staying updated on cutting-edge expertise and being prepared for tomorrow’s challenges.

Latest offering
“We represent ourselves as the quality conscious segment of the market rather than the price-sensitive segment. We provide free technical service to solve difficult problems. Further, we train our engineers in India and abroad. Our applicators are trained and certified by independent institutes in Germany,” Kar said.

Additionally, the company contributes environment-friendly products by lowering cement consumptions using natural raw materials and avoiding VOC, etc., to produce green buildings, given that it is a German company with focus on conserving environment.

Over 95 per cent of MC-Bauchemie products are water based, and in the products which are solvent based they are VOC compliant as per international guidelines. While working in underground structures where there is no ventilation, one cannot use solvent-based products. Since the company is involved in several such underground structures, its products are mostly water based. The compatibility is higher and satisfies environmental consideration as concrete is a water-based system, and the performances are well tested. The company is using state-of-the-art, well proven technologies with several years of site experience.

Value-adding benefits
The company has innovative ideas and solutions aligned to the specific requirements of its partners and their projects. Indeed, in the course of the last five decades-plus, it has developed a number of products and systems that have gone on to become industrial standards, offering value-adding benefits such as previously unattainable performance, easier application under difficult weather conditions, improved resource efficiency and, not least, greater occupational safety.

“Utilising the most advanced technology in harness with the extensive expertise of our people, we produce at over 20 manufacturing plants around the world construction materials of the highest quality. All our activities are based on the principles of quality and customer dedication, and our manufacturing operations are no different,” Kar added.

The company combines expertise of mineralogists, concrete technologists, expertise civil engineers and materials scientists from their in-house laboratories with the know-how of our construction engineers and specialist advisers assigned to sites around the world. Maintaining short communication paths, these experts work together wherever required in order to find the most appropriate solution to the specific tasks facing planners, contractors and clients. They will travel anywhere to ensure that each solution is correctly and reliably implemented.

Moreover, the company is part of Make in India initiative already with its manufacturing unit in Goa and Anklesar. In the near future, it is in plans to establish three more manufacturing units. It helps to serve the German technology with all innovation in affordable price. All these product solutions will minimise the commercial impact for the project facilitating quality solution in economic price by adding proper value preposition. All these value prepositions will help customers provide value-driven project for their end users.

Sucess of a project depends on the capacity and know-how of the involved people.
Er. Sujit Kumar Kar, Head Specification & Marketing, MC-Bauchemie (India) Pvt Ltd.


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