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New generation waterproofing by DURAmembrane

New generation waterproofing by DURAmembrane


The Supreme Industries Limited is one of India’s leading processors of plastics. They are also one of the leading companies in the country to introduce innovative waterproofing solutions in the country.

With the introduction of DURAmembrane, the company is changing the landscape of the construction chemicals and waterproofing industry altogether.

Growing demand for construction chemicals/waterproofing solutions
The recent past saw an increase in the usage of construction chemicals for waterproofing chiefly due to the sustained growth of the construction industry.

This growth has seen a sudden shift from the conventional rigid waterproofing technologies which predominantly consist of single material, viz. bituminous coatings and felts, to elastomeric water-proofing and coatings, which are a combination of several materials to achieve major performance advantages on a long-term basis.

Now, it is time to develop indigenous skills, knowledge and processes, rather than inviting and importing the low technologies.

Technologies that have not been invented locally, unfortunately, are highly appreciated, encouraged, recommended and implemented by the waterproofing industry stake holders.

Customers, market analysis and understanding needs
The Supreme Industries has always been offering cost-effective yet resilient solutions to the construction industry. All the products have been developed after continuous interaction with their customers, market analysis and understanding thoroughly the needs and changing demands of the new generation structures.

DURAmembrane is a new generation cost-effective solution for waterproofing of roofs, offered by the company. It is a versatile material, capable of retaining the dryness of concrete, masonry, metal and wood structures and is resistant to salts, alkalis, and most acids.

The solution is offered as a quick and easy-to-apply system ensuring hassle free maximum productivity.

They are the only manufacturers of this type of waterproofing membrane in India. It can be used for applications like concrete waterproofing, waterproofing of terrace gardens and podiums. DURAmembrane can not only be used in new constructions but also at the time of repair of an old structure.

Most common waterproofing methods practiced presently are:

Brickbat coba method:
This system involves laying clay bricks with light weight lime mortar on the roof and spreading it for easy draining away of rain water. This system is popular not because of waterproofing, but the weather proofing capabilities. However, it adds weight to the structure and once water starts entering, the porous clay brick pieces absorbs large quantity of water, resulting in continuous leakage of roof.

Cement- or lime-based treatments
Coating the surface with cement lime mortar is a time proven and economical method with good insulation properties. But, it is non-flexible and also increases the load of the structure. Mineral slurry with polymer component is an easy method to apply. It retains the breathing capacity of concrete, but with moderate flexibility.

Similarly, Epoxy and Polyurethane coating is highly abrasion resistant to UV radiation and does not add weight to the structure. But, this too has limited pot-life, and is very flexible and stops breathing capacity of concrete.

Elastomeric membrane forming products
It forms seamless membrane, is highly flexible, UV resistant, retains breathing capacity of concrete with indirect insulation, but with low abrasion value. Silicon-based impregnators as water repellent are easy to apply and economical, but they have no crack bridging capacity, and do not withstand pressure.

Bituminous-based products and modified bitumen are very economical, flexible, with good crack bridging capacity. But, this too softens under heat and brittle when cold, has a limited life upon solvent evaporation and other limitation due to its unpleasant black colour.

Supreme always value efficient
Supreme has accomplished very high standards in manufacturing, and they firmly believe in the protection of environment. The company follows the philosophy of S.A.V.E. – which stands for ‘supreme always value efficient’. applied intelligence and innovation, enabling cost-effectiveness and precision in delivery are the drivers of this belief.

Every requirement is understood meticulously, various solutions are deliberated upon and the most appropriate one is selected and implemented flawlessly.

Trust and reliability are the cornerstones of our delivery promise. Whatever may be the value, whether it’s superior protection, energy saving insulation or durable and long-lasting solutions in the civil or thermal insulation industry, our customers are assured of a solution from Supreme, because, at Supreme, every single solution we create is guaranteed to be ‘value efficient’.

Scope for waterproofing membrane / construction chemicals
The climate in the country is most unreliable. India being a tropical country, it has diversity in climates. Some regions in India have hot tropical weather while some parts have heavy monsoons. When the ambient temperature varies between 0 to 50 C, the overlying treatment is called upon to withstand a corresponding variation of -1 to 65 C.

DURAmembrane meets these challenges with complete and effortless ease and can withstand temperature ranging from -40 to 115 C.

Roof treatments have to withstand more than just surface expansion and contraction, like structural movements or the setting of the building with time. Sudden drop in temperature results into thermal shocks.

DURAmembrane has excellent elongation and tensile strength that enables it to take all movements in its stride. It is fracture, crumble, shatter and abrasion-proof and resistant to most corrosive chemicals.

After every shower of rain, structures tend to expose their limitations and flaws. The monsoon rains actually test the building with showers and reveals the defects that are not normally observed during sunny days. Leakage and seepage are some of the typical problems.

Hence, to shield from the huge losses incurred due to the rains, people are determined to pay attention to the problems prior to the next rains.

Authored by:
Ajay Mohta,
General Manager,
The Supreme Industries Limited
Email: dura@supreme.co.in


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