Home Chemical & Coatings Leakages no more a concern with the use of TPE tape for construction joints
Leakages no more a concern with the use of TPE tape for construction joints

Leakages no more a concern with the use of TPE tape for construction joints


Expansion joints waterproofing tape
Perma Expa Tape is a Thermoplastic Elastomer Tape available in suitable lengths for covering expansion joints, isolation joints, weak construction joints and joints between two dissimilar building materials such as concrete and stone work or concrete and steel/PVC pipes etc.

Primary uses of TPE expansion joint tape
Failed expansion joints where the sealant has failed either in cohesion or adhesion, cause severe leakage problem in the buildings and these leakages start corroding reinforcing steel bringing down the life of the structure drastically.

Similar phenomenon is observed in the joints of dissimilar building materials such as joints of concrete with steel/PVC pipes, junctions of RCC and stone slabs/blocks, many such junctions in sewage and water treatment plants, building roofs etc. Perma Expa Tape offers a permanent solution to these nagging problems. It not only water proofs these weak areas but also helps in maintaining their aesthetics and life of the structure.

Advantages of Expansion Joint Waterproofing
• Simple product and easy to apply. No special equipment or skills needed.
• Environmentally safe, no emission involved.
• Non toxic. Can be used safely in potable water tanks.

Directions for use sealing expansion joints in concrete structures:
• For application of Perma Expa Tape, the area of contact of the building material whether RCC, PVC, steel, etc. should be clean and free from dust, dirt, oil, grease, etc.
• Clean the surface and make it dry. Mix the two components of Perma Hi Bond adhesive with an electric stirrer to get a uniform colour and consistency paste.
• Apply this paste uniformly on the edges of the joint to a width of about 25 mm and thickness of 1 to 2 mm.
• Rub the same on the contact edges of the Perma Expa Tape.
• Firmly place the tape on the joint keeping an extra width of un-bonded tape at the centre to allow for expansion etc.
• Press firmly and hold in position till the Perma Hi Bond Adhesive hardens.
• If the Perma Expa Tape is to be lengthened, it can be bonded with another roll by Perma Hi Bond Adhesive keeping a lap of 300 mm or it can be welded with suitable hot air gun.

Perma Expa Tape is available in:
• 20-metre roll of width 150 mm x 1 mm
• 25-metre roll of width 200 mm x 1 mm
• 25-metre roll of width 600 mm x 1 mm

Special widths and lengths can be organised if required.

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