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Intent on creating more products to boost business

Intent on creating more products to boost business


“After a challenging 2018 for construction industry with a slow down given the slump in residential segment in metro cities, we got sustainable demand for our DURA range of products from the infrastructure segment,” Manish Naik, DGM – New Business Development, The Supreme Industries Limited.

With this idea, The Supreme Industries Limited plans to create more products to boost business and sales this year.

Quality construction
DURA offers better alternatives to conventional products mostly in terms of quality and cost parameter that helps in getting quality construction. As you know, the cost of repair is much higher. So, getting quality construction in the first go is valuable as that will help in better product and will last in the long run, thereby adding value.

“Under our DURA range of products, we have DURAvapourbarrier which is used as vapour barrier, DURAmembrane used as waterproofing membrane, DURAprotector which is used as membrane protector (protection) board, and our star product DURABOARDHD100, which is mainly used for expansion joints in construction and infrastructure products,” he said.

Additionally, the company offers DURArods and most importantly, an innovative product for tile protection i.e. DURAPROETCTOR-xf. The products offer complete package for civil demands, hence adds more value.

R&D forms the core
Research and development (R&D) plays an important role for our division, and the team is aware of the national and international developments, being eager to implement the latest technological innovations to improve the products and processes. R&D has a close interaction with business development team that understands customer requirements very well. So, based on the customer feedback and the close interaction with management, the R&D develops products as per industry requirements. Some of the recent developments are DURAPROTECTOR-xf, National Award winner for innovation in technology as well as DURAseperator, acting as a vapour barrier between soil and foundation.

Plans ahead
We believe in innovating our product range regularly. Our sales team is on field giving us timely feedback and looking after newer opportunities for creating newer products. In fact, most of our applications are developed according to the industry needs. With this approach,
we are intent on creating more innovative products that would boost the business and sales for this year.

Author details:
Manish Naik,
DGM – New Business Development,
The Supreme Industries Limited


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