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Flatter floors (FM 2) delivered faster with Laser Screed Flooring

Flatter floors (FM 2) delivered faster with Laser Screed Flooring


Today, India is becoming a manufacturing hub. This is because most of the warehouses have evolved from being traditional “godowns” to modern setups with storage and handling points, technology implementation, space optimisation providing value-added services. The implementation of GST is fueling warehousing growth across the country; benefiting warehousing, manufacturing and logistics industries the most and also, upgrading warehousing infrastructure and establishing large logistics hubs. All this has lead to an annual growth of 11 per cent in modern warehousing segment and flooring, which is the most critical aspect of modern warehouses (3PL / 4PL). We, at Lamba Technical Flooring Solution Private Limited (LTFSPL) is bridging the knowledge gap by faster delivery of flatter floors for future.

Large pour-free movement laser screed technology
Where reasonable soil exists, a nominally reinforced slab on grade (S.O.G) provides the most effective concrete flooring solutions. To minimise risk of cracking, drying shrinkage is controlled by carefully-designed layout and installation of induced and formed joints. Secondary reinforcement is provided by light steel fabric or steel fibres.

Using cutting-edge technology of laying floors with Laser Screed (large line laser screed with a telescope boom of 6.1 M – (Model S15 R) & 11 M Laser Boom Machines (Imported from Belgium) which does not require guide rails to screed concrete, it eliminates the need of having form work at regular intervals except at day joint thus making wide bay construction of pore size 900 to 2000 M2 confirming FM2 Surface finish as per international standards TR-34 from UK Concrete Society. This reduces construction joints by say 80 per cent which is the weakest section of a floor. Large pour floors is constructed to tolerance of TR-34 FM 2 (In free-movement floors, so that MHE can travel randomly in any direction).

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