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FAQs on solar panels and inverters

FAQs on solar panels and inverters


What type of solar panels and inverter are used?
We give our clients a set of options from tier 1 and tier 2 manufacturers of solar PV modules and solar inverters and also suggest the best suited option. All the PV modules and inverters are MNRE approved.

Are solar panels and inverters of different companies compatible to work efficiently with one another?
All different OEMs manufacture solar PV modules and solar inverters to match the same standard certification, which makes them compatible enough to work together to harness maximum solar energy.

Can we have day to day data of the generation?
Yes, there are various types of data monitoring and data logging systems available. The data can be accessed on website and mobile app.

Can a solar PV system be used as an alternative to diesel generator set in societies for common areas including elevators?
Yes, the DG set can be replaced by a hybrid or an off grid solar PV system. With a solar PV system, one can do away with the DG set, its maintenance and the ever increasing cost of diesel.

Can the inverters be installed outdoors?
Inverters and other power conversion units can be installed outdoors. All inverters and solar PCUs are IP 65 complied, completely protected from dust and water jets. But they should be protected, under a shed from continuous ingress of water such as rain.

Do we have to change the existing indoor wiring?
Not necessarily for grid-tie systems. For off-grid or hybrid systems in case of absence, there has to be parallel wire connectivity to the loads in order to be supported with backup.

Can the existing backup inverter work as solar inverter?
It is possible to make a backup inverter compatible to work with the solar PV modules to charge the batteries by adding an extra PCU module, solar MPPT chargers.

What are the types of solutions are possible for water pumping in farming?
Solar water pumps can be installed for irrigation purposes. Existing water pumps can also be made to work on solar and made energy independent. Solar DC water pump is another good option.

What equipment you use for solar water pumps?
Solar water pump systems come with tier 1 company PV modules, a VFD and a water pump as per requirement. If the pump is required to work anytime through 24 hours, then the VFD is replaced by an inverter along with required size of battery.

Where can we use solar street lights? In what variety are they available?
Solar Street lamps can be used for a variety of purposes, lighting the street, lighting outdoor area of a premise, lighting up gardens, lighting up common areas in a colony etc. Now-a-days LED lamps are extensively used in solar lamps due to their high luminance per Watt ratio. They are available in a range of 15 W to 100 W and selected based on the distance between two lamps. They are highly preferred on account of their stand-alone feature.

Are there any loan options available?
The Govt. of India has instructed to all public sector banks to encourage home loan or home improvement loan seekers to install rooftop solar PV plants and include cost of system in their home loan proposals. So far, nine PSBs namely Bank of India, Syndicate Bank, State Bank of India, Dena Bank, Central Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Allahabad Bank, Indian Bank and Indian Overseas Bank have given instructions to extend loan for grid Interactive rooftop solar PV plants as home loan or home improvement loan.

Will the cost of solar PV system reduce if the price of solar module falls?
Not necessarily. The cost of solar PV modules has fallen drastically in last few decades. Moreover, cost of other components such as copper wires, aluminium structures, PCUs, switch gears and labour is ever increasing hence, the cost of solar PV system are unlikely to fall any further.

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