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Providing cost-effective piping solutions

The Supreme Industries Ltd is one of the recognised leaders of the Indian plastic industry. It is credited with pioneering several path breaking products and has valuable experience in providing innovative and cost effective piping solutions. The innovative product portfolio offered by Supreme is extensive in range and applications. Portfolio comprises of variety of pipes […]

Increasing Weld Speeds in GTAW

Astral Silencio: one-stop solution for waste water discharge applications

Astral Silencio is one of the highest quality sound insulating low noise drainage and sewerage piping system in the world, suitable for drainage of both the commercial and residential waste water. Astral Silencio can endure hot and cold waste water and fulfils all the requirements international standards DIN EN 12056 and DIN 1986-100. Astral Silencio […]

Increasing Weld Speeds in GTAW

Skipper’s efficient solutions to build perfect infrastructure

Established in 1981, Skipper Limited is one of the largest manufacturers of transmission and distribution structures in India while standing tall among the top 10 worldwide, consistently leading the manufacturing engineering products sector. It is a national powerhouse in the polymer pipes and fittings business and manufactures premium quality products under the brand name of […]

Increasing Weld Speeds in GTAW

Suraj’s pipes & tubes reach more than 70 countries

Suraj Limited, an ISO-9001, 14000, BS OHS 18001 certified company are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of stainless steel seamless pipes, tubes, “U” tubes, instrumentation tubes, flanges, fittings and electro polished finish in various sizes, specifications and grades and also as per customer’s requirements. Suraj has strong presence in global market and serving […]

Increasing Weld Speeds in GTAW

Priorities have shifted to all-round support

Project procurement has undergone sea change during the last few years due to availabilities of abundant information through internet and other software support services. The priorities have now shifted to all-round support services with best available and affordable technologies with highest efficiencies. There is a saying, “Price is a policy decision, whereas cost is a […]

Increasing Weld Speeds in GTAW

Panasonic presents new solution for high-speed welding

AOTS, Japan (Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships) and Confederation of Indian Industry, India (CII) organised a Technical Seminar and Workshop on high- precision arc welding technology at Chennai on 22-23 Aug 2018. The seminar was organised at Hotel ITC Grand Chola, Chennai and the workshop was conducted at Advanced Training Institute (ATI), […]

Increasing Weld Speeds in GTAW

Technological upgrade should add value to products

In today’s economic environment, doing what you’ve always done—even if you do it very well—is no longer acceptable. In order to meet the demands of the current scenario, there is a need to follow practices like establishing a governing supply chain council that has the strategic sourcing head and his team, business unit managers, corporate […]

Increasing Weld Speeds in GTAW

DTI washer: for quality tightening of bolts

Panchsheel fasteners is a manufacturer and supplier of high-strength structural fasteners (HSFG) Fasteners. Over 200 customers are regularly using its products since last 40 years. Panchsheel fasteners identified a need of “Direct Tension Indicating Washers” (popularly known as DTI washer) to ensure the proper tightening of the HSFG bolts. Panchsheel fasteners have developed the manufacturing […]

Electronic Speed Switches for various application desires

Jayashree Electron Pvt. Ltd. has shown rapid growth over the years with introduction of several new control and safety products viz. Advanced types of proximity switches, Electronic Speed Switches, Level Sensors, Electronic Brakes, Parameters Monitoring and Transducers, etc. The company also offers motor control products i.e. soft starters. Jayashree Electron is pioneer in reactor based […]