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The art of scaffolding


Allround Bridging Systems ideal to access railway station

The Allround bridging system is the ideal complement to Layher Allround equipment. With just a few additional components, the load-bearing capacity of the proven Allround system can be increased enough to create, for example, wide-span footbridges or support structures for heavy loads.

The Allround bridging system is available in the familiar Layher dimensions of 2.07-metre and 2.57-metre, with its unique wedge-head connection making it fully compatible with Layher Allround equipment. Simple bolt connections enable the components of the bridging system to be connected up, resulting in quick and easy assembly. When used as a support beam for a scaffolding structure, podium or roof structure, the Allround bridging system is connected to the structure above it by using Allround standards integrated into the top. Using the wedge-heads welded onto the sides, even suspended scaffolding structures can be connected, or several bridging units can be connected next to one another for a further increase in the load bearing capacity.

When a footbridge is built, the Allround bridging system is connected to Allround standards using the wedge-heads provided on the sides of the posts. Depending on application, either Event decks or steel decks can be used. The bridge can also be clad using Layher Protect cassettes and roofed. The bridge is mounted on Layher heavy-duty supports with specially designed support elements. These support elements permit pre-assembly on the ground and subsequent insertion by crane, which is a major advantage when spanning bridges across roads.

Application of Layher Allround bridging systems to access station
Refurbishing work with ongoing operation: after demolition of the existing bridge, a temporary bridge solution was needed to allow passengers to cross the tracks safely. This is where the flexibility of Layher’s Allround equipment came into its own. With the Allround bridging system, efficient building was possible not just of two free-standing bridges, its rapid assembly: the combination with the Allround construction kit also permitted integration of a stairway structure plus a wheelchair ramp for unimpeded access.

When railway stations are refurbished, their highly frequented nature plus the need to maintain rail services are severe challenges for the planners. A current example: demolition of a pedestrian bridge. To ensure that railway passengers can continue to cross the tracks safely during new construction work, a temporary and free-standing bridge including stairway access and – for unimpeded access – a wheelchair ramp each having an effective loading capacity of 5 kN/sq.m. were needed and fulfil by using combination of Layher Allround wedge head connection, Bridging Systems and its comprehensive range of components plus supplementary parts with unlimited possibilities for use.

During construction of the bridge, the Allround bridging system was a crucial advantage. With the extremely strong Allround supplementary component – a modular lattice beam – it is possible to build both bridges with a free span of up to about 30 metres long and support beams for heavy loads quickly and easily. It also ensured that electric cables and communication equipment could be routed without problems. For well-organized passenger flows in both directions, the scaffolding erectors built two parallel bridges each with an 18-metre span and 2-metre width. The use of Layher Event decks ensures trip-proof movement – on foot or in a wheelchair. The bridges were assembled on the ground and then emplaced by crane. The high fitting accuracy of Allround equipment played a big part in speeding up assembly.

Access to the bridges took the form of two stairways and a wheelchair ramp. For these jobs too, the Layher product range always has the right components to hand: from lightweight aluminium platform stairways and separate stairway stringers for different loads, to child safety guard rails. For the safety of the many passengers, the scaffolding constructors selected for the stairway access two parallel structures to match the double bridge solution. The combination of size 750 stairway stringers and standard decks used as steps permits variable widths of the stairways: in this case 2 metres, matching the width of the bridges. Thanks to the convenient pitch dimensions, the size 750 stairway stringer is also ideal for public areas.

The 100 metre long wheelchair ramp was also built on the basis of the Layher system range. For the substructure, the scaffolding erectors chose a combination of lattice beams and Allround equipment. Thanks to the option of flexible height adjustment, the ramp could be built with exactly the required inclination of 4 degrees including its horizontal intermediate platforms – and in a space-saving U-shape. Wheelchair-suitable and child-safety guard rails ensure a high degree of safety during use. In this way, the Layher Allround Bridging systems to build a solution for access of passenger’s not only tailor-made, but also economical and time saving solution (constructed in just 10 days).

Authored by:

Mithilesh Kumar, Director,
Layher Scaffolding Systems Pvt Ltd


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