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Shalimar’s Kavassu Shine and Kavassu Road Mark

Shalimar’s Kavassu Shine and Kavassu Road Mark


Two highly durable Road Marking paints, specially refined and blended with special additive polymers.

Serving to the need of Road Marking, from the collection of its remarkable products, Shalimar Seal & Tar Products (P) Ltd. has come up with its breakthrough product for Road Marking i.e. KAVASSU-SHINE (Hot Applied Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint) and KAVASSU-ROADMARK (Cold Applied Road-Kerb Marking Paint). These paints have been widely used on various esteemed projects of National and state highways, airport aprons, industrial walk ways, parkways and alike.

A unique and excellent florescent pigmented retro-reflective thermoplastic formulation which leaves a protective film immediately after drying. Produced by UK-GTX technology, these two highly durable Road Marking paints are specially refined and blended with special additive polymers which give glossy reflection and enhance the adhesion to glass beads with improved coating strength to reduce the paint erosion for longer duration with permanent bonding. The paints work with uniform consistency with early drying time over concrete, bitumen and iron surface. Sovitec Glass Bead (Spain Make) is used, having an excellent reflection property which enhances the overall performance of the marking paint. Kavassu Shine is a Hot applied paint which is sprayed on the road surface by using Hot melt machine heated at the temperature of 200 C which marks a thick, bright, wear-resistant coating that eventually becomes a line after cooling.

Produced with the same UK-GTX technology is an excellent florescent resin and solvent based water borne marking paint for marking of roads, kerbs, culverts and other concrete structures. It is very easy to apply and leaves a protective film on the evaporation of solvent.

Cold applied Polymeric road marking paint
Kavassu-Roadmark is one of the best available paint in the market after prolonged research on this subject. In fact, it is the most economical protecting medium for visibility of all kinds of kerb, culverts and concrete road surfaces and bitumen road surfaces. Kavassu-Roadmark is a flurocent resin based paint confirming to IS: 164 grades A. It is very easy to apply and leaves a protective film on the evaporation of the solvent. Kavassu –Roadmark is produced under strict quality control and is specially refined and blended with special additives like EVA and EDTA polymers which gives semi glossy reflection for longer duration with permanent bonding on concrete, Iron, wooden and bitumen road surfaces and uniform consistency with early drying time over concrete, bitumen and iron surfaces.
Kavassu-Roadmark is an excellent florocent resin and solvent based marking paint for marketing kerb, culverts and other concrete structures for better traffic planning which gives proper demarcations to drivers in day as well as in night. It is used on surfaces subjected to moderately to severely corrosive marine and industrial environmental. Floating roofs and tanks, structural steel pathways in docks, refineries, building and other industries, structural equipments like cranes etc. of chemical handling units, bridges and jetties etc.

• Good adhesion and Flexibility
• Resistance to humidity under condition of condensation
• Resistance to immersion in seawater and under cathodic protection for use saline climate.
• Resistance to welding and gas cutting in iron floorings.
• Hot applied, looks very less time to get dry.
• High performance – Less maintenance
• Tough rubberised, elastic coating. High elongations withstand expansion or contraction without deforming, softening or peeling of films.
• Prevents growth of fungus, mildew, algae etc.
• Durable and economical.
• Outstanding visibility and high durability.
• Excellent adhesion and high skid resistance.
• Superior colour brilliance and stability with fast drying properties
• Environment friendly and cost effective.


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