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Tripcon: thirst for continued learning and growth

Tripcon: thirst for continued learning and growth


According to Hemal Patel, Managing Director, Tripcon Engineering Pvt Ltd the challenge was to scale up the production to about 300 per cent. The challenge called for an efficient team and production capacity building along with extensive marketing strategies. Once Trpicon products gained preference over other companies in the similar segment it was time to travel the seas in search of new markets. In the process, Tripcon landed business in 8 countries, which was a turning point and beyond that point there was a need for diverse strategies. Over the years, the company is now present in over 25 international markets. Tripcon has a wide range of conveyer chains and sprockets for construction industry and has become one of the most trusted and preferred name in the industry.

Journey so far
Tripcon’s journey has sure been an exciting one. Over the years Tripcon has matured in a multifaceted manner. “May it be technology, processes, systems or outreach, Tripcon has always been focused on constant learning and improvement of its products as well as services,” he adds. Management’s keen observation of future trends of the industries they cater to, employment of technologies for efficiency of output, dedication towards surpassing client expectations and understanding and responding to the internal and external synergies of business operations and various markets have all been the contributing factors for its humble achievements. Over and above all, the determination and passion of its team played a greater role for all its achievements. Their innovative ideas, precision and performance driven designs and thirst for continued learning and growth cannot be acknowledged enough.

R&D improves efficiency and effectiveness
Research & Development (R&D) has always been an integral part of their business and the company further plans to expand the resource allocation in the future. Within international markets they have come across a wide-range of client specifications, may it be in design, materials, finish and anything in between. Keeping their research methodologies in mind, they dig deeper in search of reasons behind certain specifications coming from clients. This helps them better understand the requirements which they further translate into its development processes. They always aim to overshoot client expectations. Company’s research in materials and exploration of various process possibilities inform its decision making process as to what would further enhance the life and performance of the products. It has earned them a certain respect among its client base in India as well as in international markets.

Research in international markets, as part of business practice is something the clients consciously seek out for. For Tripcon it is a valuable validation tool that not only helps the company take informed decisions but also creates a pool of data and information that can be revisited in future as and when needed.

Know about Tripcon
Tripcon strongly believes it will be developing capabilities which would allow them to remotely monitor performance of its products. The company is at a juncture where it becomes the need of the hour to push itself seeking higher performance and longer life out of their products. The company sees the industry progressively moving towards mechatronics. The future seems to be transitioning into proactive from reactive.

Company is at a juncture where it becomes the need of the hour to push itself seeking higher performance.
Hemal Patel, Managing Director, Tripcon Engineering Pvt Ltd


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