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Raj Petro taking TCO to the next level

Raj Petro taking TCO to the next level


Prasanna P J, Country Head – Direct Business, Zoomol Lubricants, Raj Petro Specialities Pvt Ltd

We don’t mind putting arguments like keeping a lesser lube drain period for lesser TCO!

Raj Group has already made a mark in the automotive lubricant market with Zoomol. What are your strategies to consolidate presence in the Indian market?
Climate change is the major factor which is going to drive the technology in the coming years. At RPSPL (Raj Petro Specialities Pvt Ltd), we have simplified our strategies to be in line with these changes and our product consolidation is purely based on future technologies. Hence, we can say our current products are in line with the market requirements and with new technologies. We are seasoning all our internal and external stakeholders to stay committed on this mission.

What is your assessment of the demand status for lubricants for commercial vehicles?
We have entered in the automotive lubricants market in 2010 through our ZOOMOL range of products. As we are relatively new in this segment, our market share is not in comparable with other established brands. Since we have huge market to address, we are not bothered by the demand status in commercial vehicles. Yes, the demand status is going to be bullish as India is one of the strongest economies in the world and because of the growing e-commerce in our country.

What are your offerings in the off-highway equipment segment?
We don’t believe in generating unique arguments that will help to promote our lubricants in off-highway segment. We want to play sensibly in the market and will blend perfectly to become a right cocktail. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is already a fantastic argument which must be followed by all the stakeholders to reduce our carbon footprints. Presently we are offering our unique TCO value proposition called “Consume less” and we also keep on innovating our TCO offerings that are very much different than our competition.

RPSPL, being a proud Indian company wants to play a responsible role not only by reducing the overall bills of our customers but also of our nation. We don’t mind putting arguments like keeping a lesser lube drain period for lesser TCO!

Do you have any specially formulated lubricants to meet the current emission norms of BS IV?
We are fully geared up to meet the new emission standards. In fact, we are ready with the formulations that can meet the technical challenges of 2020 and we are fully available to support our OEM partners with latest formulations to establish their new generation engines.

Are you looking forward for further expansion?
Our current infrastructure is sufficient to take care of an annual growth rate of over 25 per cent for next three years. Our expansion plan depends upon the organic growth of our other SBUs. However, having an almost 7 per cent market share in the finished lubricant market, our expansion plans and investments are ready to cope up with any demand surge in the market.

How well you ensure timely distribution of the products to every corner of the country?
We have three manufacturing plants and several stocking points at strategic locations in the country. We believe in continuously reducing our IFOT (In Full On Time) that are promised to our customers. Best practices from e-commerce industry and effects of GST are going to further reduce the market standard of IFOT by at least 30 per cent. At RPSPL, we are prepared to respond these market challenges.


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