Filter Concept is the manufacturer and exporter of industrial filters which offer complete filtration technology solutions for various filtration requirements of air, gas and liquid to almost all industries like oil and gas, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, steel and power, cement, formulations, fertilisers, textile, paints and inks, chemicals, mines and mineral, electronics, water treatment.

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TITLIS is a diversified engineering company focusing in cutting edge technologies to provide most effective solution in various platforms and to cater global markets in process, power, oil & gas, mining, pharmaceuticals and automotive.

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The conversant research over the years, have enabled the company develop robust biotechnological products which have consistently reduced sludge volume, reduced operational costs, curbed the emission of foul stench and lowered the COD and BOD levels in industrial expel significantly.

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The 11th edition of Water Expo 2017, the largest and premium annual water exhibition in South Asia was recently concluded. Over the years, the exhibition has evolved as the most prominent show in the international water exhibition arena and its success is derived from the incremental increase in the footfalls, contented exhibitors, repetitive participants and increasing qualitative visitor ship. The recently concluded edition provided opportunities for a perfect business and networking platform for the water and wastewater industry professionals and experts working towards a common goal – ‘Profit with Responsibility’.

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While evaluating an aeration system, the analysis of the total performance and the cost of operation analysis is critical. The components of this analysis should include an evaluation of the initial capital cost of system installation, all operating and energy costs and the projected maintenance costs.

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BioWater Treatment Systems LLP are the distributors of Bio-Microbics Inc., USA for India. The Bio-Microbics treatment systems provided by the company can be used in can be used in residential, commercial, academic and industrial premises to treat domestic sewage for reuse in various non-potable applications such as gardening, toilet flushing and floor swapping.

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Organica Biotech Pvt Ltd is involved in finding natural and sustainable solutions to impeding issues of sanitation, agriculture and solid waste management using microbe based technology. Organica Biotech has grown to be one of the leading biotechnological companies today to provide effective and eco-friendly products to over 45 countries.

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Jamnagar Municipal Corporation has now got a hi-tech Smart Water Management System in the city. The newly installed Water Management system is called Smart Water Management System (SWMS) and aims to provide Quality Auditing in public drinking water systems. As per the new processes the city will have a centralised monitoring of water distribution via Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

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Reduce, reuse and recycle – three words that form the leitmotif of waste management. For water, one can add a fourth – ‘Reclaimed’. By reclaiming waste water for reuse, the demand for fresh water is reduced. The more we reclaim the more fresh water we save.

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Waste water found in ground water wells, effluent water waste from industrial and households containing generally high levels of contaminates of organics, micro organism as well as nutrients and toxic compound. To remove the contaminants from waste water, its need to pass through different phases of treatment such as solid contaminates removal, chemicals treatment, biological treatment etc.

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