Kamstrup is a global major in the field of intelligent energy and water metering solutions. In an interview with B2B Purchase, Suneel Bhambere, Director, Kamstrup Metering Solutions Pvt Ltd speaks about the need for ‘smart’ water metering solutions in today’s context. He also touched upon the key topic like emerging role of cellular technology and IoT in the efficient functioning of distribution network. Excerpts:

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An efficient technology from LANXESS for treating water is the use of Lewatit ion exchange and specialty adsorber resins. Among other applications, ion exchange resins are used to remove pollutants, such as nickel, nitrate, perchlorate, borate and hydrocarbons from drinking water. During the ion exchange process, contaminated water flows through a container filled with ion exchange resin. It filters the contaminants, binding the ions of the pollutants and replacing them with harmless ions.

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Shalab Namdev, Chairman, 3G Aqua Chemicals Pvt. Ltd is one of the entrepreneurs from Indore who had started with small beginning in their business and had reached on top. Earlier in the career, Namdev had held water and planned to make it more helpful. Shalab’s campaign of making the hard and unclean water soft and purify had come true. The business of his dream comes true in the name of “3G Hard Water Softener” which is also known as “3G Aqua Natural Water Conditioning systems.

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Clean Maxx: Clean Maxx not only contains the right bacteria and enzyme concentrations to enhance the entire process but, also is used in normal conditions to maintain the balance of the system and re-establish systems having experienced upsets. Effective biodegradation of intricate compounds in to simple compounds imparts several benefits to the wastewater treatment process; including reduction in COD levels and alleviation of hazardous and recalcitrant components from the system. The microbes used in Clean Maxx are conferred with GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) status and facilitate the recycling of “grey” water.

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Filter Concept is the manufacturer and exporter of industrial filters which offer complete filtration technology solutions for various filtration requirements of air, gas and liquid to almost all industries like oil and gas, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, steel and power, cement, formulations, fertilisers, textile, paints and inks, chemicals, mines and mineral, electronics, water treatment.

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TITLIS is a diversified engineering company focusing in cutting edge technologies to provide most effective solution in various platforms and to cater global markets in process, power, oil & gas, mining, pharmaceuticals and automotive.

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The conversant research over the years, have enabled the company develop robust biotechnological products which have consistently reduced sludge volume, reduced operational costs, curbed the emission of foul stench and lowered the COD and BOD levels in industrial expel significantly.

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The 11th edition of Water Expo 2017, the largest and premium annual water exhibition in South Asia was recently concluded. Over the years, the exhibition has evolved as the most prominent show in the international water exhibition arena and its success is derived from the incremental increase in the footfalls, contented exhibitors, repetitive participants and increasing qualitative visitor ship. The recently concluded edition provided opportunities for a perfect business and networking platform for the water and wastewater industry professionals and experts working towards a common goal – ‘Profit with Responsibility’.

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While evaluating an aeration system, the analysis of the total performance and the cost of operation analysis is critical. The components of this analysis should include an evaluation of the initial capital cost of system installation, all operating and energy costs and the projected maintenance costs.

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BioWater Treatment Systems LLP are the distributors of Bio-Microbics Inc., USA for India. The Bio-Microbics treatment systems provided by the company can be used in can be used in residential, commercial, academic and industrial premises to treat domestic sewage for reuse in various non-potable applications such as gardening, toilet flushing and floor swapping.

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