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Shalimar’s Kavassu Shine and Kavassu Road Mark

Two highly durable Road Marking paints, specially refined and blended with special additive polymers. Serving to the need of Road Marking, from the collection of its remarkable products, Shalimar Seal & Tar Products (P) Ltd. has come up with its breakthrough product for Road Marking i.e. KAVASSU-SHINE (Hot Applied Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint) and KAVASSU-ROADMARK […]

TRMP: An import substitution product

JK Supreme known for efficiency, durability

Road markings (also known as “pavement markings”) are the foremost recognisable direction guides for transport networks in the world. The visual information provided by reflective markings safely guides and controls traffic behaviour within the simplest, most effective manner. It is not possible to amplify the importance of road marking and symbols in accident prevention and […]

Shalimar’s Kavassu Shine and Kavassu Road Mark

Duskline making a mark in road industry

Provides a wide range of products and service comprising thermoplastic paint, road marking contract, road marking machines etc. Duskline Infrastructures Pvt Ltd, an ISO certified company is a well known name in arena of road marking and thermoplastic paint manufacturers and dealers all over India. Duskline Infrastructures is amid one of the credible business names […]

Shalimar’s Kavassu Shine and Kavassu Road Mark