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Trends in bulk material handling

While safety and effective cost are prime considerations, delivering design capacity and easy maintanance are equally crucial As the name replicates BMH (bulk material handling) involves transporting large quantities of dry materials from location to location efficiently and safely with the final destination often as the last step in an industrial processing application. In this […]

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Modern fenestration towards greener, sustainable construction

Quality insulation and effective strategies to conserve energy are the prime determinants of enhancing durability. Selecting doors and windows can be challenging, especially in the midst of different designs, types and functions. Here is a guide to make selection of doors and windows easier. Complementing energy-efficient construction Quality insulation Amongst all the fenestration products, the […]

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Guard against rains

Cracks and leakage are among the sore points of contractors during waterproofing of roofs. Conventional waterproofing methods alone are rarely adequate for waterproofing of metal decks. Most of the waterproofing materials available in the market are not compatible with metal deck materials. In most of the cases metal sheet roofing is not waterproofed initially, as […]

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Guard against demolition dangers

Factors like natural calamities, changing functions, city reconstruction, or higher residence demand, lead to demolition or re-construction of existing structures Every planned structure has a life period and if it survives more than its service period, it becomes dangerous for the occupants and other buildings surrounding it. The life cycle of concrete structures is usually […]

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How to ensure clean concrete surface

Inappropriate surface preparation leads to coating failure and impacts the surface quality Several factors are taken into consideration while choosing an abrasive for surface preparation. Surface cleaning plays an important role to prepare concrete surfaces for applying coatings intended for light-duty service. According to experts, more than two thirds of all coating failures are attributed […]

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Road Making goes hi-tech with Smart Machines

Compulsion and keenness of faster growth in road construction industries needs innovation in technologies, which help to construction professional to work smarter, not harder to get improve construction productivity. Roads and highways continues to be a strong growth driver for the construction equipment industry and many big ticket projects have been announced and implemented by […]

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