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What makes buildings sustainable

Sustainable construction alleviates building’s environmental impact over its entire life cycle including construction, occupation, maintenance and demolition. In a fast developing nation like India, costs are essential and sustainable construction can help economise the structure’s cost over its life cycle. While some building practices are guided by short-term economic considerations, sustainable construction is based on […]

Perma Construction: providing solutions for waterproofing

High performance, surging needs to drive industry

While demand for specialty chemicals is at its peak, traditional raw material costs continue to spike Construction chemical is one of the niche segments from the specialty chemical segment of chemical industry. Construction chemicals are specialty products that are used in structures to increase their life, and also to impart additional protection from environmental hazards. […]

What makes buildings sustainable

Essential tips for surface coatings

One of the most important functions influencing coating performance is the quality of surface preparation. Surface preparation is a process of treating the surface of a substance to increase its adhesion to coatings. Here are the latest offerings in the surface coating segment. Graco King: airless sprayer for protective coatings According to Praveena Jolly, Business […]

What makes buildings sustainable