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Henkel India aims to maintain double digit growth" rel="bookmark">Henkel India aims to maintain double digit growth

Adhesives are used in almost every sector including manufacturing, renewable energy, auto, aviation, construction, FMCG and healthcare among many others. Henkel Adhesives Technologies India, a major player in the domain, is well-positioned to meet the increasing demand in India. Revealing the company’s futuristic targets, Pradhyumna Ingle, Business Director, General Industry, Henkel Adhesives Technologies India Pvt […]

Providing superior adhesion to concrete and metal

Ideal painting process for steel fabrications" rel="bookmark">Ideal painting process for steel fabrications

Selecting the most ideal painting system for structural steel fabrications and galvanised steel fabrication is a daunting task in front of the maintenance managers and the chief engineers. It becomes more critical situation when the steel fabrications and the machinery or equipments have to be installed in the most stringent working atmospheres such as coastal […]

Henkel India aims to maintain double digit growth

How corrosion effects structures" rel="bookmark">How corrosion effects structures

Explaining the effect of corrosion on the structural durability and reliability Concrete the versatile construction medium is, however, degradable under environmental effects. Generally concrete structures have steel as reinforcement for its own inherent low tensile strength. The environmental effects can lead to degradation of the reinforcing steel and this degradation is termed as corrosion due […]

Rust free ‘Innovative Coatings’

Armacell India adds innovative products to its portfolio

Armacell India has recently launched two products with focus on various industries. Armaflex Alu E is the latest offering from Armacell India which combines excellent fire performance with superior aesthetics and forms a complete insulation solution for ducting. The other offering from Armacell India is Class 0 Armaflex with Arma-Chek GC specially designed in five […]

Cutting-Edge Building Materials

Tips for developing a skilled workforce

Steps to be kept in mind for developing a better skilled workforce as of construction chemicals industry is concerned. To stay competitive, in today’s world one must upgrade themselves to the latest standards/solutions on a nearly real-time basis. Nowadays, construction chemicals play an increasingly important role in the chemical industry. The availability of skilled workforce […]

Henkel India aims to maintain double digit growth

Solid PU Coating effectively blocks corrosion cell on steel surfaces

PU coatings have emerged as coatings of choice for applications from industrial maintenance to automobile finishing to chemical resistant coatings. International and national legislation aiming at reducing the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) have caused significant changes in the anticorrosive coating industry. The requirement for new VOC-compliant coating technologies means that coating manufacturers can […]

Henkel India aims to maintain double digit growth

ICACI to showcase new technologies for concrete infrastructure

India Chapter of American Concrete Institute (ICACI), one of the very active Chapters of American Concrete Institute (ACI), USA is organising an important International Conference on ‘Repairs, Retrofitting and Forensic Engineering of Built Structures’ on 24th and 25th November at Hotel Lalit, Mumbai. The seminar will focus on the latest developments in concrete repair, rehabilitation, […]

Henkel India aims to maintain double digit growth

One stop destination for all your needs

Precleaning / Surface preparation before painting It is most essential to completely clean all the oil, loose rust, dust, dirt grease and foreign matters form inside, outside of the steel tubes, angles, channels, metal and fabrications. Post painting anti corrosion depends grossly upon the total and complete pre-cleaning. Important facts to use hydrochloric acid based […]

Henkel India aims to maintain double digit growth