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Cement, Ready Mix Concrete, Microfine Cement


Ready Mixed Concrete: The successful takeoff of Alcon Cement Company was followed by ready mixed concrete plants, the first in the State. In fact, Alcon pioneered RMC in Goa by concept-selling    the product among builders, architects and end-consumers. The plants have in-house quality control laboratories where concrete consistency is stringently maintained.


Microfine materials: Our product are microfine materials for rock and soil injection. Because of the small particle size and a specially adapted admixture system, it penetrates very well into tight joints, fissures and pore spaces to provide a water-tight grouted rock or soil mass. It achieves initial and final setting faster than normal cements. This increases productivity in tunnel grouting applications. 


Fields of application: Rock injection: Tunnels, caverns, mines, etc used for pre- and post-excavation injection, ground water sealing and ground stabilisation. Soil injection: Ground stabilization and groundwater sealing. Pre-packed injection. Contact injection.


Ground granulated blast furnace slag: As the name suggests it is granulated blast furnace slag, ground to very high fineness. Granulated blast furnace slag is obtained during the manufacturing process of pig iron in blast furnace. When the molten slag at 1400-1500 deg.C is tapped and subjected to a special process of quenching it forms granules which are called granulated slag.


This slag when ground to very high fineness is called ground granulated blast furnace slag. GGBS when used along with OPC in concrete or mortar mix imparts unique properties to obtain very strong and durable concrete and mortar mix.


At Alcon, we are scheduled to install the most modern Ball Mill plant from China to grind slag to very high fineness while maintaining uniform particle size distribution. This will enable us to supply you with world class GGBS.


Alcon Constructions (Goa) Pvt. Ltd.  

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