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Super Mix Construction Chemical, Mumbai


Water Tite No.1: Water Tite No.1 is a chloride free powder, which seals the capillary pores of concrete and cement mortars thereby blocking water seepages. It is water insoluble, and therefore becomes a permanent constituent of hardened concrete. Water Tite No.1 also increases workability.


Concrete Care: Concrete Care is a liquid admixture to improve workability and compressive strength of concrete and makes concrete more homogeneous. It prevents segregation and bleeding of concrete. Concrete Care extends workability of concrete mixes. This is an advantage especially in hot weather when the increased workability allows more time to place and work the concrete. It also reduces drying shrinkage and cracking.


Super Floor: Super Floor is a dark grey powder made of special cement, metallic and non-metallic aggregates and activating chemicals. These are for use in industrial concrete floors to produce impact and abrasion resisting and dust free surface capable of withstanding oil, grease and industrial chemicals. They can be used as trowelling grade (broadcast or dry shake on fresh concrete or as a thickness grade for incorporating in a total thickness of the topping. Floors treated with Super Floor material have a hardness of 7 on MOH's scale.


Super Grout. GP: Super Grout GP is a blend of high quality Ordinary Portland Cement, selected grade of silica sand and fillers, various additives and fluidifiers, designed to produce a high grade grout, free from segregation.


Rust Kleen: Rust Kleen water based rust release agent suitable for pretreatment of metal iron before applying any coating. On application of Rust Kleen rusted surface gets clean easily and safely. Rust Kleen can be applied by brush or cotton cloth.




Super Mix Construction Chemical (I) Pvt. Ltd.

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