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Safe Drinking water from air!

Safe Drinking Water making machine from atmosphere. No water source needed


As The National Water Policy of Govt. of India- Ministry of Water Resources puts it “Water which is already a scarce resource, will become even scarcer” and that non conventional methods of sourcing and utilization of water needs to be practices”. A patented proprietary product known as “WATERMAKER” derives and produces healthy, safe, purified drinking water from the atmospheric air that we breathe. It captures water vapors from air before it even touches the earth. WATERMAKER provides localized source of pure water without any connection to municipal taps, surface or underground water source.


WaterMaker (India) Pvt. Ltd having its head quarters at Mumbai, owned by Katgara Group of well known Jeena & Co.- a leader in global logistics, is  the sole license holder of Atmospheric Water Technologies Inc.of  USA, has introduced this unique technology in India. The WaterMaker machines are available in several generating capacities ranging from 20 liters to 5,000 ltrs of clean, safe drinking water per day. There are various capacity models of machines available to meet various consumption needs. The water quality is compliant with WHO/ BIS norms and contains no harmful chemicals or minerals. WaterMakers are currently being used by Individuals, Business Houses, Border Security Force, Institutions and have been field tested by the Indian Army.


WaterMakers work most efficiently in warm areas with high humidity. As this water producing machine works by converting the humidity present in the air into water, the volume of water generated largely depends on humidity level and atmospheric temperature. Thus output varies from place to place. The rated output is achieved when the air-water generator is placed in locations where the temperature ranges from 25 to 32 deg. C and the RH level ranges from 70% - 75%. If these factors are higer, water production will be more than the rated capacity of the machine & if these factors are lower, water production will reduce accordingly. It is observed that the machine works wonderfully well in Coastal Area and North Eastern region in India. Requiring only electricity or any alternate source of energy, WaterMaker uses refrigeration technology that is optimized to condense water from air. The blow driven forced air is drawn into the system through electro-static air filter. Within the machine’s exterior housing, a compressor circulates the refrigerant through the coil array in the path of the air. The chilled coils provide a temperature

difference between the air and coil surface resulting in condensation. The heat is removed by a heat exchanger and freeze protection is thermostatically controlled.


The condensation is funneled into a holding tank, where a level switch controls the machines water making cycle. Water in the holding tank is periodically pump-circulated first through an ultraviolet light chamber to kill bacteria, then through series of high and low density charcoal filters which remove solids and oxygenates. Water is dispensed by either a tap or sprout depending on the type of machine.. Once the water is produced, the system is ready for dispensing. This ranges from an incorporated drinking fountain to connection to an automated bottling line, dedicated piping or connection to a local distribution system or by attaching multipoint dispensers. Water production costs depend on the cost of power and the capacity of machine. The cost, in optimum conditions, can be as low as Rs.1 per liter. This is significant saving over the cost of bottled water in medium to long term, with the convenience and reliability factors not found with other sources or methods.


WaterMaker(india) Pvt.Ltd. has drawn out ambitious plans to reach out to Large Corporates, Government and Semi Goverment establishments, Local bodies, NGOs, Gram Panchayats, Defense, Railways etc thru network of Sales Agents, who are in process to be put in place across the country. In order to reach out to Small Offices and Home segment customers, direct marketing set ups are being invited to take up sales and service responsibilities at all strategic locations across India.




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