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Cap 15 to 45 cum per hr. stationary concrete batching and maxing plant  with ground level storage of aggregates was determined by the fact that the operation involved in the handling, lifting  and storing of these heavy materials in elevated silos require considerable and high operation cost which can largely be avoided by ground level storage in accordance with these medium capacity batch plants along with AMC Reversible Drum or Pan Type concrete mixers of capacities 800 ltrs / 1000 ltrs /1500 ltrs. Can be installed as composite units, for easy transportation and installation at sits. AMC Scrapper plants are in Modular system and basic mining units can be converted into full plants in stages.


The plant consists of :-

  • Boom scrapper
  • Concrete mixer
  • Automatic control panel
  • Aggregate Feed Chute
  • Cement Hopper with Screw Conveyor
  • Water Floe Meter
  • Aggregate Weighbatcher 

Automatic Control Panel

The aggregate weighbatcher dial is provided with reed and each reeds can be set to the quantity required of respective material. By pressing push button, the preset quantities of aggregate are released into weigh hopper one after another. The recipe if required can be changed within 2 minutes by resetting the reeds. The cement is weighed simultaneously. The control panel is fitted with timer for mixer. After lapse of preset time for mixing, the mixer starts rotating in anticlock direction for discharge. Over-riding manual control is also provided through indicated lights on the panel. The panel is having necessary interlocking devices.


Aggregatefeed Chute

Feed chute for coarse & fine aggregates with 4 gates is provided and is operated through electro pneumatic operated segment gates. Feed chute height varies from 3 mtr to 6 mtr according to capacity of plants. Provision uo to 6 gates can be made at an extra cost. By adding intermediate pedestal height can be increased to another 500 mm.


Cement Hopper With Screw Conveyor

Cement hopper having a capacity of 500 kg. Is provided with 3.5 mtr. Screw conveyor to deliver the cement into the aggregate weighbatcher cement compartment and is driven by 5 H.P. Capacity electric motor complete with reduction gear arrangement.




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