Hardox Wearparts: effective way to master uptime


Hardox is the global reference in wear-resistant steel plate. Hardox Wearparts goes beyond the steel to deliver value-added services via an extensive network of Hardox-certified repair shops across the globe

Hardox wear plate gives extreme performance for extreme challenges. Users all over the world take advantage of the hardness and toughness of Hardox to increase payload, improve uptime and reduce service costs.

Hardox provides a unique combination of hardness and toughness. This opens for smarter, lighter structures with extreme performance and extended service life.

Duplicate the lifetime
Hardox’s extreme resistance to wear is a strategic business factor. Extending the service life of equipment by two, three, five, ten times or more is like money in the bank. Industries around the world depend on Hardox Wearparts to keep their operations running smoothly, without costly disturbances or downtime. Wear parts made of Hardox maximises the wear performance of products and machines. Depending on the situation, Hardox can increase service life dramatically. Two to three times is standard, even ten times or more has been reported compared with regular steel.

 Facts of hardness
• Hardness is the property that provides excellent wear protection during the entire service life of a Hardox wear plate.
• Hardness minimises wear as it is difficult for the ‘edges’ of abrasive material to cut into the hard surface.
• The hardness is more than skin deep; Hardox is hard throughout
• The hardness does not conflict with Hardox’s structural performance
• Hardox  comes in a wide range of grades and dimensions to suit your particular application.

Ador Fontech Ltd. is the official Hardox Wearparts Centre in India, appointed by SSAB, manufacturer of Hardox. Ador Fontech is one of
the leading manufacturers of wear parts and wear services in India and a pioneer in offering life enhancement solutions to the core industry for over 3 decades.

Hardox Wearparts Centre is clients’ local certified Hardox expert shop. It will take care of clients’ all wear part needs. Hardox Wearparts Centre delivers precision parts and value-added services to keep uptime as up as possible.

Hardox Wearpart Centre means
• A guarantee that replacement part or repair is made with genuine Hardox wear plate.
• A place where dedicated experts use state-of-the-art techniques and processes certified by SSAB when manufacturing with Hardox.
• Clients’ reliable source for fast service for planned or unplanned repairs.
• An international network of certified shops close to the client.

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