Pioneer’s cladding solutions reduce heat transfer


“These concepts as it is will have very good response in metro cities, but in order to attract residential use, need some alteration”- S. Vasudevan, Director, Pioneer Coldstore & Cladding

Pioneer Coldstore & Cladding Pvt Ltd (Pioneer) is a leading manufacturer of metal roofing, insulated roofing sheets, coldstore (PUF) panels, refrigerated trucks and porta cabins. As a one stop solution for complete roofing and cladding requirements, the company undertakes turnkey projects and also offers customers design, manufacturing, supply and installation at competitive rates. “A green roof is a roof covered with plants which reduces cooling costs. It saves energy or utilises natural energy by innovative roofing called green roofing”, said S. Vasudevan, Director, Pioneer Coldstore & Cladding Pvt Ltd.

The company manufactures insulated roofing panels which conserves electricity by reducing heat transfer. Further these roof panels are good for water proofing and load bearing. Thermal conductivity is the main advantage of green roofing products compared to conventional products. Although the initial cost will be higher compared to the conventional products in the long run green roof products will result in big saving in power. The maintenance cost will be slightly higher, however considering the aesthetic look and energy savings the same is negligible. These products can easily be dismantled and re-fixed.

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