Plate De Scaling Shot Blasting Machine Prior to Painting [Apr 2012]


Airless 8 wheels shot blasting machine is special purpose plate de scaling machine. It is designed to remove the mill scale from the plate surface prior to painting. The machine is designed to clean both sides of the plate simultaneously at a constant travel speed of 3 to 5 meters per minute in single pass. The work is processed in horizontal position. It’s plate cleaning machine is designed with 8 Radial lock blast wheel, which have wheel RPM of 2,400 throwing 300Kgs shots per wheel per minute.

All 8 wheels are powered 20 HP motors. This arrangement of wheels is designed to achieve surface finish of SA 2.5 required by many industries prior to painting. 4 blast wheels are mounted on the top of the cabinet and positioned above the pass line of the work and the other 4 Blast wheels are mounted in the bottom of the cabinet positioned below the pass line of the work.

Loading and unloading system is incorporated with 12 metres inlet and outlet conveyor. The length of conveyor can be designed as per customer’s requirement.

The internal walls of the blasting cabinet are fully protected by a complete manganese plate liner. An extra row of thick liners of wear resistant manganese steel plate is providing in the direct blast zone.

The above performance is possible with high massive abrasive flow rate. This is possible due to specially designed abrasive air wash system and magnetic separator system. Both separator systems remove Sand scale, other foreign matters from the steel abrasive, and usable abrasive goes into storage hopper for re use.

A Brush off system, blow off fans and rubber brushes are provided in exit vestibule. To clear upper surface and recover used shots remaining on top surface of plates.
As machine is heavy and huge, special care is taken for safety and maintenance. Robust and big maintenance platform along with safety railing at a level of 5 metres height from floor level, maintenance platform for blast wheels maintenance, also sensors are provided for inlet and exit of plates in blasting chamber, noise reducing system.

In any shot blasting machine, dust collector system plays most important role in effective operation of machine. The shot blasting system is supported with an Automatic pulse Jet Dust collector which maintain a gas volume of 7,400 cu.ft./minute with air to cloth ratio 9:1. A rotary valve is fitted at the bottom of dust collector to disposal of waste material.

Inlet and outlet conveyors can be designed as per size and thickness of plates to be shot blasted.

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