Gates Water Jet Hose: In Hand with Green Technology [Apr 2012]


Gates India – one of the market leaders in fluid conveyance solutions has come up with yet another specialised usage hose known as the Water Jet Hose®. The Gates Water Jet hose is the ultra high pressure hose which finds its application in the process commonly known as water jetting/water blasting.

This technology is defined by the specialised, precision equipment which directs high pressure (more than 10,000 psi) streams of water against a surface to clean, prepare, cut or demolish the material.  The use of plain water under pressure makes this technology environment friendly without ‘heat or chemical zones’ which can damage surrounding equipment and structures. The system, also known as high pressure liquid jetting, is gaining widespread use as a non-polluting, relatively safe method of solving industrial cleaning problems such as chemical and organic residues and build-ups.

The Gates Water Jet Hose is a highly flexible and light in weight and easy to handle hose which is impulse tested for more than 25,000 cycles at 15,000 psi pressure. This ensures extremely good service life. The MSHA approved cover ensures the hose can be used for an environment where there is a chance of fire hazard.  The couplings to be used with this product do not require internal skiving unlike other products available in the market. The ˝ Inch hose has minimum burst pressure of 37500 psi and a safety factor of   2.5:1.

This hose finds application in various areas arranging from aluminum smelting plants where it is used for removal of bauxite build-up in pipes and tubes. Removal of excess build-up in cells or smelting reactors and also in chemical plants in cleaning chemical deposits from boilers, tanks, valves, evaporators, heat   exchangers, tune bundles, pipe, vessels and chemical reactors. In marine applications, it is used in removal of marine growth, barnacles, loose paint and rust on ship hulls, docks, ballasts, platforms, storage tanks and boilers and underwater cleaning of pipe and drilling platforms. Water Jet hose also plays a vital role in oilfield/pipe industry as it is used in removal of paraffin and crude residues on platforms and storage tanks. removal of drilling mud and cement from drilling pipes, surface preparation for repainting, hydrostatic testing of hoses, pipes and fittings, valve actuation and accumulator pressurisation, removal of rust and varnish from industrial pipes prior to recoating and removal of dope and oil from pipe threads for inspection. in pulp/paper industry, this technology is used in cleaning of grease, oil, pitch dirt and wood pulp from heat exchangers, tubes, foundries, press sections, screens and rolls of paper machines.

Manpreet Kaur Gulati
Marketing Communication Executive, S&M
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