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National Steel has made a name for itself in the roofing sector through innovative products, excellent quality and consistency. Its galvanised corrugated sheets enjoy maximum market share in the central part of the country and is a preferred choice of consumers in western and northern India too. National offers the widest range of galvanised corrugated sheets and has been a pioneer in introducing products as per customer’s requirement.

National Steel’s pre-painted sheets have been well accepted in the market and are liked by architects, designers and consumers all over the country. In line with its philosophy to bring new products to meet customer’s needs, the company has come up with Kolormetal Perforated Profiles and Kolormetal Crimpings.

Kolormetal Perforated Profiles
These profile sheets are ideal material to be used as linear sheet in sandwich panels wherever there is an enclosed space beneath.

Perforated profile sheets are used at places like airport technical building, auditorium, concrete halls, indoor sports arena, television sound and news rooms and act for the acoustic purpose – controlling the noise. Perforation hole sizes, pitch sizes and percentage of perforated area can be engineered to suit the required acoustic needs. The perforated profiles sheets can also be used for garden fencing, thus enabling air to pass through while blocking the inside view.

The base material thickness can be from 0.40 mm to 1.00 mm based on client’s / building requirement. Zinc coating can also be varied from 90 GSM to 275 GSM based on environment where it is to be used. These profiles can be supplied in either soft (240 MPa) or Hard (550 MPa) conditions and length up to 14000 mm is possible which gives flexibility in designing and fixing.
Kolormetal Crimping
Crimpings are essentially used for curved roofs. These are made from normal trapezoidal profile sheets which are bent as per structure requirements in the desired angle. Use of crimped sheets ensures jointless long bend sheets thus the chances of leakage from the bend portion are minimised. These crimp sheets are an architect’s delight as they can be used to cover windows and gates besides roof covers and shade cover from roofs to cladding.

Kolormetal crimping can be supplied in thickness ranging from 0.30 mm to 1.00 mm and in radius from 300 mm to 600 mm covering a wide range of applications.

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